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Attorney Roane's Landfill Death Case Goes Back to Court

On March 14, The Shelby Star published an article on one of Attorney James Roane's cases regarding a lawsuit that was filed against Cleveland County. The article begins by explaining how in 2010, ...
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NC Dog Bite Law

In North Carolina, there are two ways that an owner may be liable for dog bites. First, N.C.G.S § 67-4.1 provides for strict liability for attacks by "dangerous dogs". Second, some ...
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Shannon Gray Nursing Home

Shannon Gray Rehabilitation and Recovery Center in Jamestown is a four star (above average) nursing home. It appears to be a nice looking facility just built in 2010. Shannon Gray has 132 beds which ...
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Countryside Manor Nursing

Countryside Manor is a four star (above average) nursing home located on Hwy 158 in Stokesdale. Countryside is the skilled nursing part of Countryside Village. The Village is independent living while ...
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Maryfield Pennybyrn nursing home

Maryfield nursing home or Pennybyrn at Maryfield is absolutely beautiful. It is a five star facility, which means much above average. Maryfield is operated by the Catholic church, and most of the ...
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River Landing at Sandy Ridge

River Landing is one of the top nursing homes in the Greensboro area. It was just built in 2003 and it is beautiful. It has more than 150 acres of land in Colfax, with ponds and a golf course on the ...
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Friends Home West

Friends Home West is not really a nursing home but is instead is an assisted living type facility. In other words, it is more of a retirement community. It has an indoor swimming pool, a garden and a ...
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What is an adult care home?

What is an adult care home? An adult care home is what we used to call a rest home. It is a place for the elderly to just get some help with basic needs. Sometimes the elderly really want to stay as ...
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Alston Brook Lexington

Alston Brook nursing home in Lexington North Carolina is a 100 bed nursing facility. It is a mixed facility. Sixty-four of these beds are skilled nursing beds in the "Granny's Place" ...
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How often should a patient be turned to prevent sores?

How often should nursing home residents be turned to prevent sores? Every two hours!!!??? Right? Maybe not. Turning every two hours is the current standard of care in North Carolina. However, a new ...
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Debt Ceiling and the 14th Amendment

The Debt Ceiling is Unconstitutional The Debt Ceiling was created with a laudable goal in mind- put some restraint on congressional spending. Spending goes up every year, and the public knows that ...
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How will ObamaCare affect me? The individual mandate

ObamaCare starts October 1 st right?!? Individual Mandate - ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act started years ago. Many provisions are already in place, but the Individual Mandate insurance exchanges ...
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Westchester Manor at Providence Place

Westchester Manor at Providence Place in High Point was once a five star nursing home, but just dropped all the way down to two stars or "below average" per As always, you ...
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What do I do if I have been in a car wreck?

What do you do if you have been in a car wreck or auto accident? I will skip the obvious things like call the police and seek medical treatment if you need it. From a legal perspective there are few ...
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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be undetectable and irreversible and can cause death before you are even aware of what is happening. I am working on a carbon monoxide death case that involves a faulty ...
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High Point Personal Injury

In High Point, there are many personal injury attorneys, but not all of them have experience handling larger injury cases. Most attorneys in High Point, are "general practitioners". This ...
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Kindred Hospital Greensboro

Kindred Hospital in Greensboro has 23 skilled beds that provide special services such as respiratory services. Kindred long term care is provided within the hospital that you can see near I-85 and Hwy ...
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Shelby personal injury attorney

Shelby personal injury law practice has been interesting so far. While I have handled a few standard car wreck and other personal injury cases in the Shelby area, for the last few years I have been ...
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Clapps Nursing Center

Clapps Nursing Center is a 118 bed nursing home located at 5229 Appomattox Road in Pleasant Garden. Overall, Clapps has a five star rating per Medicare nursing home compare, which is the highest ...
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Camden Place Health and Rehab

Camden Place Health and Rehab is a 135 bed facility located at 1 Marithe Court in Greensboro. Camden Place is owned by Camden Place Health and Rehab LLC. The overall rating at Camden Place is four ...
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Blumenthal Jewish Home

Blumenthal Jewish Nursing and Rehab 2014 REVIEW: Last year, Blumenthals Nursing Home had a three star rating for staffing but this year it was raised to four stars which is "above average". ...
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Dram Shop and adults

N.C.G.S. § 18B-305. Other prohibited sales ( Adults unlike Section 120 minors ) (a) Sale to Intoxicated Person. -- It shall be unlawful for a permittee or his employee or for an ABC store ...
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Dram Shop and minors

N.C.G.S. § 18B-120-129 the permittee or the local ABC board: (1 year SoL, only minors, and max recovery is $500,000) (BUT Parents can sue over a child's death case) (Also, there is an ...
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Social Host Liability

Social Host Liability and Common Law "Dram Shop" negligence - a person who serves alcohol to an "obviously intoxicated" person when it is reasonable to expect that person will soon ...
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Graybrier Nursing Home in Trinity

The Graybrier Nursing and Retirement Center in Trinity The Graybrier Nursing and Retirement Center is located at 116 Lane Drive in Trinity. Graybrier is a 128 bed facility which is a larger sized ...
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