Staffing Issues & Nursing Home Abuse

Elder Abuse Representation

There is no greater threat to the safety of nursing home residents than improper staffing issues. A nursing home may choose to operate with insufficient staff in an effort to save money. This selfish budgeting move directly affects the nursing home residents since this generally results in negligent care within the nursing home. Nursing staff members are stretched thin and cannot adequately care for residents and provide them with the regular monitoring and attention they need. This negligent care can result in harmful injuries such as:

If you think that the inadequate staffing issues in your loved one's nursing home led to abuse or injury, you must take immediate steps in order to stop the abuse. Hold the nursing home responsible for their negligent actions and oversight by filing a nursing home abuse claim. In doing so, you may be able to protect your loved one from further harm, not to mention helping to protect the safety of other nursing home residents.

Why hire the Greensboro attorneys at Roane Law?

You have probably tried to confront nursing home staff and administration members yourself as soon as you suspected that your loved one was experiencing abuse and neglectful care. You were probably given an explanation that made no sense or assured that your loved one never experienced abuse or neglect. Listen to your intuition. If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong, you have a very good reason to investigate. When it comes to standing up for the rights of nursing home residents, no one cares more than our Greensboro nursing home abuse lawyers.

Our firm has an excellent track record to prove it. Allow us to put our experience to work for you and your family as you pursue justice. Contact Roane Law today to schedule a free consultation with Attorney James Roane, former Chair of the Nursing Home Division of the North Carolina Advocates of Justice. James is well-respected and known for litigating nursing home abuse cases and he may be instrumental in helping you resolve your nursing home abuse case. You and your family are not alone. Roane Law is ready to help you get through this.