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Car Wreck

Car wrecks cases should be simple. The person who caused the wreck should be responsible, and their insurance company should pay. However, it is never that easy.

Attorney Roane Has Been in Your Shoes

I was in a bad wreck myself, and that is the whole reason that I went to law school. First, you will have fights over your property damage. The insurance company will not want to pay a fair value. You will have to get a rental car. The insurance company will fight over the cost of repairs, types of parts and the value of your car now that it is wrecked. Even if you get the property damage settled, the insurance company may try and send you releases or paperwork that will void your injury claim.

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What to Expect from the Insurance Company

The personal injury claim from a car wreck is an even harder fight. The insurance company will look at the accident report and see if you complained of pain at the scene. The police officer will write a "4" next to your name at the bottom, which means complained of pain at the scene (A "5" means no complaints).

The insurance company will then look at your medical records and evaluate various factors, including:

  • They will see if the doctors failed to write something down. If they didnt check a box for "neck complaints", the insurance will argue that you had no neck injury.
  • After the ER or your family doctor, the insurance will look to see if you have a gap in treatment.
  • After your car wreck, did you follow up with a doctor, how long did you wait, where you working during this gap in treatment? The insurance company will argue that you were hurt on the job and not in the car wreck.

To add insult to injury, the insurance company will often deny liability even in a clear case. In rear end collisions, they are starting to say it was your fault. They will say you stopped your car too fast, failed to put on a blinker, stopped for no reason, etc. These days they will do anything to avoid paying anything for car wrecks and It is incredibly frustrating. That is where we come in.

I tell insurance adjusters all of the time, "if you would just treat people right, I would be out of a job." Getting them to pay a dime without a lawyer is like pulling teeth.

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Why You Need Roane Law By Your Side

We Are Experienced

We are a car wreck, auto accident law firm that has been down this road many times. Our attorneys and paralegals know how to handle all aspects of motor vehicle cases.

We will do the following on your behalf:

  • Gather medical records
  • Talk to witnesses
  • Obtain necessary documents
  • Argue your case

We simply have more leverage, because they know that you can't do anything about it. They won't pay unless they know that you can make them. You can't make them without a good lawyer. A good lawyer will build the case thoroughly. Don't give them an excuse not to pay. Your attorney will need to work hard to prove your case.'

At Roane Law, we can use all of the following, among other, pieces of evidence to build a case on your behalf

  • Photos of the wreck scene
  • Photos of the vehicles involved
  • Criminal check on the other driver
  • Civil check on the other driver

Our Results Speaks Louder than Words

Let me reiterate that statement, " attorneys must work hard...". While paralegals are critical and work hard, attorneys get cases settled for full value. Adjusters talk to attorneys differently. Adjusters know that we know the law. Adjusters can hear us argue the case as we are going to argue to the jury. Paralegals will try their best, but it just isn't the same.

Make sure that your attorney is handling your car wreck case. Insist on it. Whatever you do, don't get stuck with a "case manager" who handles your negotiations. If the only person you ever talk to about your wreck is a "case manager" then you have a problem. Insist that the attorney talk to you, and make sure that the attorney knows what they are doing. You wouldn't believe how many clueless attorneys are out there.

Ask your attorney for a resume. Ask him or her: "how many car wreck cases have you tried in front of a jury in the last five years, and what were the results?" Simple question, so insist on a simple answer. If the attorney dodges this question, then you know that they don't have the experience and results that matter.

Other Lawyers Know: In 2007, James Roane was voted Young Gun Legal Elite Young Guns- top attorney under 40 years old by over 17,000 fellow North Carolina attorneys in Business NC magazine. While any lawyer with money can advertise, you can't buy votes from your fellow attorneys. Instead, these attorneys have cases with, and against you. So, they know the good and the bad ones. Since other attorneys picked James Roane, shouldn't you?

You Need a Lawyer Who Works Hard

After an automobile accident, it is vital to to take quick action to document the facts of the accident. Insurance companies will interview witnesses, take photos of your car, the property damage to the vehicle and possibly look into your insurance claims history.

Our Greensboro car wreck lawyers believe in rapidly sending an investigator to the scene of the accident to:

  • Obtain photographs of the scene of the wreck
  • Take statements from any witnesses or other drivers involved
  • Gather any other relevant evidence

By taking a pro-active approach to the investigation, we can ensure that evidence or witnesses are not lost and that your car wreck injury claim is handled right. This is what it takes for car wreck attorneys to maximize recovery on cases, and we have the track record to prove it.

Once you are being treated for your serious car wreck injuries, we will interview your doctors to determine the extent of your injuries and what future treatment and prognosis you can expect. This will allow us to predict what kind of injury compensation you will need to recover. In addition, we will ensure any property damage and lost wages are compensated for as well.

We Can Take the Trouble Out of Your Case

Our auto accident lawyers will normally file a lawsuit on your behalf in order to ensure maximum recovery for you. While you may want to settle quickly, the insurance company will rarely do this and will instead offer less than full amounts. By filing suit, you will increase your chances of recovery.

Should this settlement fail, Roane Law car wreck attorneys are ready to take your case to trial. Car wreck cases may seem easy to take to a jury, but a lot goes into the preparation for trial. If your attorney is unprepared, your chances of winning are reduced. Also, car wreck case law can be very difficult. So, if you are considering bringing a case or preparing for trial, make sure that your car wreck attorney is also ready.

Make sure your attorney knows all about the following:

  • Medical treatment
  • Lost wages
  • Other damages you have
Car wreck attorney Greensboro

You must also make sure that your car wreck attorney has handled large cases before. For example, at Roane Law we have successfully obtained multi-million dollar recoveries in catastrophic car wreck cases.

Following are some of the car wreck cases we handle on a regular basis:

Skilled Greensboro Car Accident Lawyer

James Roane is a car wreck injury lawyer who has handled injury cases from Spruce Pine in the mountains all the way down to Lumberton, North Carolina. Most of our cases do come from the Greensboro area including: Burlington, High Point, Winston-Salem, Lexington, Reidsville, etc. If you have a fender bender, you could call an attorney down the street. However, if you are in a serious car wreck, you may need an out-of-town lawyer to help.

When choosing a auto accident lawyer, do one thing- ask for their resume. A lot of lawyers that you may see on TV, don't actually practice law. Even if they do practice, they may actually not be very good at it. So, ask about their results first. Contact our firm today to get the representation you need during this difficult time!