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With more than 1.6 million residents, the Piedmont Triad has its fair share of accidents, injuries and personal injury claims. If you live in this area and were injured in a car accident or were involved in any type of incident that left you or a loved one injured, a personal injury lawyer at Roane Law can help. Our law firm provides unrelenting, experienced legal representation to clients throughout the Piedmont Triad who are dealing with insurance claims, workers' compensation claims, medical malpractice suits and all other injury-related legal matters. We know that trying to rebuild your life after a serious accident can be difficult. Our goal is to provide the representation that enables a victim and his or her family to move on and rebuild, not just financially but physically and emotionally as well.

Founding attorney James Roane has more than a decade of legal experience in the field of personal injury law. He himself was the victim of a serious car wreck many years ago, an event that inspired him to change his career, get a law degree and begin fighting for the rights of injury victims who had experienced the stress and difficulty that he did as he tried to recover fair compensation for the injuries he endured. Along with our team of experienced professionals, he only represents injured parties and has never lifted a finger to defend insurance providers or defendants in personal injury cases. He is a tireless advocate for victims' rights.


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Dealing with the complex legal issues and underhanded tactics that are often involved with personal injury claims can only make a difficult situation impossible. You need an experienced professional to handle your claim and seek the compensation you rightfully deserve. Contact a personal injury attorney at our firm for a free case review.