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James Roane went to law school at Wake Forest in Winston-Salem and lived there many years before and after law school. Since graduating in 1999, James has handled hundreds of cases in Forsyth County and won large verdicts there. If you need a personal injury attorney in Winston who is experienced and knowledgeable then call Roane Law. We will talk to you for free.

One of the most recent trials in Winston-Salem involved a car wreck case. A truck driver was t-boned by another driver. The insurance company denied liability for the wreck and refused to pay. We filed suit for personal injury including permanent injuries, surgeries and lost wages. The insurance lawyers only offered $1,500 and literally laughed in my face. I tried the case and the jury returned a verdict of $300,000. Who is laughing now?

Personal injury cases such as car wrecks, premises liability or wrongful death may seem simple but they are not. Attorneys will need to prove your injury case. Insurance companies will fight anyway they can. They will claim that you weren't hurt in the wreck and that your injuries are pre-existing injuries. They will deny liability even if it is clear who was at fault in the car wreck. For example, even rear end collision auto accidents are denied. The insurance lawyers will claim you stopped too suddenly, or that the defendant had some sudden medical emergency.

Even if the insurance company decides to pay, they still will often resort to tricks by convincing people to sign releases, waive UIM insurance rights or hurt their claims. You will need a personal injury law firm with proven results to help. Let us make your life easier by driving out to meet you. You will not have to miss work, and we will take over from there.

If you have a more serious injury case, make sure you get an injury law firm with experience and results. Many personal injury firms use "case managers" instead of lawyers. Their injury lawyers that are assigned to cases often haven't even tried any jury trials or litigated cases. If an injury attorney is only settling cases, then they simply don't know what a case is worth. You had better believe that insurance companies will not offer full value on any case without a fight. At Roane Law, our injury attorneys litigate the vast majority of cases. We also have a strong track record in court. While we don't take most cases such as low damage whiplash cases, when we do take a injury case we fight hard. So, if you are in a car wreck, any type of motor vehicle accident, or other injury claim call us. We can help.

Far too many accident victims find themselves dealing with unresponsive insurance agents and deceptive insurers who try to offer low settlements, delay payment or even deny valid insurance claims. If this describes what you are going through or if you are looking for legal help immediately after any type of accident or injury, you have come to the right place. Our firm is committed to representing clients in Winston-Salem in personal injury cases related to car accidents, medical malpractice, dog bites, slip and fall accidents, and nursing home abuse. We also handle workers' compensation and wrongful death claims if you were injured at work or lost a loved one.

There are many things that set our practice apart from the rest. We take on only a limited number of cases and are highly selective to ensure we can truly provide a client with only the best legal representation and most advantageous outcome. We are particularly skilled in complex cases involving catastrophic injuries and have the resources to investigate virtually any type of accident or other injury-causing incident.

"I have been there myself, I know what you are going through."

Our founding attorney, James Roane, was a successful businessman before he decided to get his law degree and open a personal injury firm following a serious car accident that left him injured and dealing with fighting the insurance company. He has since dedicated his career to people in the same situation he once found himself in. Take this opportunity to discuss your case with an attorney who understands exactly what you are going through. For compassionate and straightforward advice, contact attorney James Roane today.