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Larger personal injury cases- At Roane Law, we are trying to stay a small but high-end Greensboro personal injury law firm. We don't take the vast majority of personal injury cases. If we took half of the cases of people who call us, we would be swamped in a week. However, even if we can't take the case, we and I personally, will be glad to give you free legal advice. James and the other attorneys will be glad to at least point you in the right direction. We love what we do, and we are truly glad to help. We will not pressure you, in fact, the most rewarding thing we can do is give you a little help that allows you to handle the matter yourself. In the personal injury cases that we handle, the cases are remarkably complicated.

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We handle serious personal injury cases in Greensboro and surrounding areas that involve traumatic injuries, brain injuries, with high medical bills and lost wages. I promise you that most lawyers who handle personal injury simply don't know how to handle these cases properly. While they can handle a fender bender case, the moment you need to hire a vocational expert, an engineer, a safety expert, an economist, private investigators, nurses and medical experts, things begin to change. Some of my personal injury cases will cost me over $75,000 just to get them to trial. It takes a lot of time, resources and trial skill to handle these properly.

Trial skill- If you have a serious personal injury case, you must ask your attorney this question, "have you tried one of these cases in court before, and what was the result?" Otherwise, I will bet that if you have called a larger high volume injury firm, you will not get a true trial lawyer.

I know for a fact that as the time of writing this, one of the major injury firms in Greensboro does not have any lawyers who have won a single jury trial in the last ten years. In addition to lack of any experience, some injury lawyers have over one hundred cases. Ask your lawyer, "how many cases do you have right now?" Attorneys simply can't handle that many injury cases and do a good job. Also, if the attorneys haven't tried cases, they don't have enough skill to handle a tough personal injury case.

Frankly, you don't know what a case is worth until you have tried some of them. Personal injury attorneys don't know how to work the case until they have seen it all the way through. Let me repeat that, you don't know what cases are really worth if you haven't tried them in court. Attorneys don't know what to look for, don't know how it will affect the jury and don't know how it will affect the verdict.

I have a newsflash for all "pre-litigation" personal injury attorneys- juries don't see cases and damages the same way that insurance adjusters see them. So, don't just base your opinion of case value based on what some insurance adjusters have paid in the past. If your personal injury lawyer is basing his or her opinion on what insurance companies are offering, then they are settling too low.

Other lawyers know- In 2007, James Roane was voted Young Gun Legal Elite - top attorney under 40 years old by over 17,000 fellow North Carolina attorneys in Business NC magazine. While any lawyer with money can advertise, you can't buy votes from your fellow attorneys. Instead, these attorneys have cases with, and against you. So, they know the good and the bad ones. Since over 17,000 attorneys picked James Roane, shouldn't you?

He also has numerous accolades that set him apart from the competition:

  • AV Preeminent® Rated by Martindale-Hubbell® Law Directory
  • Included in North Carolina's selection of Super Lawyers®
  • Member of the American Association for Justice

If you have been injured recently or a friend or relative has been hurt or killed in any type of personal injury accident in the Greensboro area, a skilled personal injury lawyer at the Roane Law firm are ready to work for you throughout the duration of your case. Our job is more than just work - we are truly committed to helping clients get their lives back after a devastating accident.

Remember that with our law firm, if there is no recovery for you from your accident, there is NO fee. You don't pay attorney's fees unless you receive compensation for your injury. We are that serious about protecting your legal rights and obtaining the best possible outcome for you. The professional team at Roane Law in Greensboro can help you present a strong claim for your accident, covering a variety of injury cases, as described below. Click on any of the links to read more about how the law firm can help in any of these types of cases.

Experience- With over a decade of experience as a member of the North Carolina Bar, injury attorney James Roane has an excellent reputation as a leading personal injury lawyer in Greensboro and the Triad area. He cares about each and every one of his clients and will fight to obtain a successful outcome for them if possible, all the way to trial if necessary. At our firm, the attorneys focus on larger and more serious injury cases.

If you have a minor injury, call any injury attorney you should be fine. However, if you have been seriously hurt, just make sure you get a serious attorney. Ask the attorney for their resume, their trial record, their largest settlements etc. At this high-end personal injury law firm, that is our best selling point. We have a strong record and fight hard for our clients.

Why Choose Roane Law?

  • Contingency Fees

    This personal injury firm is also different in that there will be no fees- nor any costs- should there be no recovery.

  • Countless Cases Handled

    Attorney James Roane has helped countless clients successfully recover compensation for their injuries.

  • Understanding & Attentive

    "I understand what you are going through," says, James Roane as he has experienced recovering compensation after a car wreck.

  • Millions of Dollars Recovered

    We have been successful with the cases we have taken on and helped our clients recover compensation for their injuries.