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Car wrecks cases should be simple. The person who caused the wreck should be responsible, and their insurance company should pay. However, it is never that easy.

Car Wreck

Attorney Roane Has Been in Your Shoes

I was in a bad wreck myself, and that is the whole reason that I went to law school. First, you will have fights over your property damage. The insurance company will not want to pay a fair value. You will have to get a rental car. The insurance company will fight over the cost of repairs, types of parts and the value of your car now that it is wrecked. Even if you get the property damage settled, the insurance company may try and send you releases or paperwork that will void your injury claim.

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What to Expect from the Insurance Company

The personal injury claim from a car wreck is an even harder fight. The insurance company will look at the accident report and see if you complained of pain at the scene. The police officer will write a "4" next to your name at the bottom, which means complained of pain at the scene (A "5" means no complaints).

The insurance company will then look at your medical records and evaluate various factors, including:

  • They will see if the doctors failed to write something down. If they didn't check a box for "neck complaints", the insurance will argue that you had no neck injury.
  • After the ER or your family doctor, the insurance will look to see if you have a gap in treatment.
  • After your car wreck, did you follow up with a doctor, how long did you wait, where you working during this gap in treatment? The insurance company will argue that you were hurt on the job and not in the car wreck.

To add insult to injury, the insurance company will often deny liability even in a clear case. In rear end collisions, they are starting to say it was your fault. They will say you stopped your car too fast, failed to put on a blinker, stopped for no reason, etc. These days they will do anything to avoid paying anything for car wrecks and It is incredibly frustrating. That is where we come in.

I tell insurance adjusters all of the time, "if you would just treat people right, I would be out of a job." Getting them to pay a dime without a lawyer is like pulling teeth.

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