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  • Nursing home abuse
    Nursing home abuse

    In a recent report by CBS News, around one-third of the nursing homes studied by congress have been cited for abuse. Such instances of abuse included verbal abuse, choking, assaults and even death. ...

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  • Workers Compensation Third Party Case
    Workers Compensation Third Party Case

    Workers Compensation is usually the only remedy for an injured worker. However, if an outside third party caused the injury, then you may have a claim against them as well. If you obtain a recovery ...

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  • Wrongful Death attorney
    Wrongful Death attorney

    Most lawyers can handle car wreck cases, few lawyers can properly handle wrongful death cases. Make sure that you hire a lawyer who has litigated wrongful death cases before, and ideally has tried ...

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  • Pre-existing conditions
    Pre-existing conditions

    Anyone over the age of 40 will have a spine that is not brand new. Most likely, there will be some mild degeneration which is natural and part of the aging process. Mild degeneration does not mean ...

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