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  • Personal Injury Depositions
    Personal Injury Depositions

    Get you talking - Depositions are not usually the confrontational events that you see on TV. Most good defense attorneys instead try the "get you talking" approach. If they can get you talking without ...

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  • Car wrecks and insurance
    Car wrecks and insurance

    Most car wreck cases are fairly straight-forward and should be easy to value for insurance companies, but there are some fact patterns that cause problems. For example, any issues with liability will ...

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  • North Carolina county differences
    North Carolina county differences

    Something that is obvious and well-known to trial lawyers is that many cases don't just depend on the facts of the case, the cases also depend on where they are filed. In North Carolina, personal ...

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  • Pain and suffering damages
    Pain and suffering damages

    The law of North Carolina and most states allow recovery for pain and suffering. However, there is no other area of damages that has a tendency to cause reluctance or rejection by juries. Pain is not ...

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