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  • Underinsured motorist coverage
    Underinsured motorist coverage

    Underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage should be added to your automobile insurance policy. UIM coverage will pay amounts that are not paid by the liability insurance policy of the defendant. For ...

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  • Wrongful death damages
    Wrongful death damages

    Wrongful death cases can be very difficult to litigate and prove damages. Some jurors think that money will not bring the deceased person back, so why bother? These jurors must be made to understand ...

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  • Insurance and Trial
    Insurance and Trial

    "Insurance" is not admissible in trials in North Carolina. No witness can mention insurance, coverage, claims or anything associated with insurance. The case will be you versus the defendant. So, the ...

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  • Nursing home arbitration
    Nursing home arbitration

    Most of the major nursing home chains are requiring new residents to sign Arbitration Agreements. These agreements waive the right to a jury trial, and any potential case will be tried in front of ...

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  • Dehydration in Nursing Homes
    Dehydration in Nursing Homes

    Some residents in nursing homes don't have the same sense of thirst, and they must be encouraged to drink. If they aren't encouraged to drink and monitored, they can become dehydrated very quickly. ...

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  • Car wreck medical treatment
    Car wreck medical treatment

    There is the real world, and then there is the insurance world. In the real world, if a person gets hurt they don't go straight to a doctor unless they are seriously injured. Sometimes, people get in ...

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