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  • Drunk Driving NC negligence
    Drunk Driving NC negligence

    In addition to the statutory Dram Shop causes of action described in earlier posts, attorneys may bring a common law negligence claim against anyone who provides a visibly intoxicated person with ...

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  • How are nursing homes paid?
    How are nursing homes paid?

    From 1965 until 1998, nursing home facilities were paid on a cost-based reimbursement system by combining cost reports with the number of patient days. In 1998 payment was switched to Prospective ...

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  • NC Dram Shop Law adults
    NC Dram Shop Law adults

    In North Carolina, NCGS section 18B-120 and the subsequent sections address injury by drunk driver s that are under the age of twenty-one. The following sections address drunk driving by adults: § ...

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  • Generic drug dangers
    Generic drug dangers

    Recently, the New York Times had an article that addressed the lack of accountability for generic drug manufacturers. The U.S. Supreme Court held that generic drug suppliers don't have the same ...

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  • How to find out nursing home staffing levels
    How to find out nursing home staffing levels

    Facility information on staffing can be found through a variety of sources. The primary pre-suit source of information is the facility licensing file. Of course, you should never file suit without ...

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  • NC Dram Shop Law
    NC Dram Shop Law

    North Carolina law regarding a bar, restaurant or nightclub's potential liability for the sale of alcohol to an underaged person and drunk driving can be found in NCGS 18B-120: § 18B‑121. Claim for ...

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