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  • Mount Airy personal injury case
    Mount Airy personal injury case

    A few years ago, a young man went to a bar in Mount Airy NC called B52's. The bar had switched hands over the years, and the newest version was mainly a beer hall that had bands and sold food. ...

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  • Reidsville Personal Injury Lawyer
    Reidsville Personal Injury Lawyer

    Around nine years ago, I was assigned a case on the eve of trial by a senior attorney in a prior personal injury firm. The attorney didn't want to try the case because "it was a loser". I understood ...

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  • Cherryville personal injury attorney
    Cherryville personal injury attorney

    I am from Cherryville and graduated from Cherryville H.S. in 1987. I was just looking online to see what personal injury attorneys practice in Cherryville. Not many. When I Googled, "Cherryville ...

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  • Greensboro personal injury case
    Greensboro personal injury case

    Not all cases are the same, some can involve significant liability issues. This is especially true when it comes to premises liability claims. I had one such premises liability trial in Greensboro. In ...

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  • Winston-Salem car wreck trial
    Winston-Salem car wreck trial

    What are Winston-Salem jurors like, and how does Winston-Salem compare to other counties? Of course, the following only applies to civil court as I don't practice criminal law. With that in mind, I ...

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