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Adams Farm Living Nursing Home Greensboro

2015 REVIEW: Adams Farm Living and Rehabilitation has fallen from 4 stars back down to a 2-star facility. Their staffing levels are only 2 stars:

2015 Overview of Adams Farm Living and Rehabilitation

As you can see, the number of RNs is low and the number of CNAs per resident is very low. (The far-right column is the US average) At only 2 hours and 4 minutes, it will be very hard for the CNAs at Adams Farm to care for their residents.

Quality Measures- Adams Farm got 4 stars or "Above Average". Actually, their numbers in this category look great.

Health Inspections- in their last survey Adams Farm got 2 stars or "below average" results. You can click on Inspection Results to see the full survey.

Conclusion- at only 2 hours and 4 minutes of CNA care, it is hard to recommend this nursing home. Their quality measures are very good so their staff must be working very hard to make up for this shortage.

REVIEW November 2013: Adams Farm Nursing Home went from being a one-star facility to four stars in one year. I have not seen that happen before. Let's take a closer look at this facility. Of course, we will start with staffing. Adams Farm is a two-star "below average" facility for staffing:

2013 Overview of Adams Farm Living and Rehabilitation

The licensed staff if significantly lower than the average. The CNA levels are still extremely low at 1 hour and 51 minutes. That is one of the lowest CNA staffing levels in the Piedmont area. In most nursing homes in CNA levels this low, they simply can't get their jobs done. They might drop off trays without taking time to feed residents. They might not get residents out of bed in a timely fashion, or answer call bells. While I haven't seen Adams Farm nursing home myself, you should pay attention to the CNAs. They probably can't get their jobs done without more help.

Adams Farm did a great job improving their Quality Measures which is four stars above average. Their antipsychotic medications rate is very low which is important as many homes overmedicate their residents. Adams Farm nursing home got four stars for inspections. They only received one deficiency which appeared minor.

In summary, this nursing home has greatly improved since 2012, as you can see below. However, staffing is the key indicator of whether or not a nursing home is likely to provide good care. Adams Farm CNA staffing at 1 hour and 51 minutes is far too low. I would rank this an improved, but still slightly below average nursing home. Take a look to see how it ranks with other local nursing homes: Nursing Home Reviews.


October 2012: Adams Farm Living & Rehabilitation is a large nursing home in Greensboro/Jamestown with 120 beds. As of the last survey in 2012, they had low staffing levels for RNs and CNAs as well as low amounts of Physical Therapy. In fact, the entire facility only got one star overall which is "much below average", and the staffing levels only got one star as well. This appears to be the lowest ranking nursing home in Guilford County. GreenhavenGuilford Health Care, and Adams Farm were the only nursing homes to get one star. On a side note, I have put together a Ranking and Review for Greensboro area nursing homes if you would like to compare this home to other nursing homes. However, Adams Farm Living was the only one of these three to also get one star in staffing:

2012 Overview of Adams Farm Living and Rehabilitation

Staffing- Adams Farm Living had only 19 minutes of RN hours per resident per day. The NC average is 45 minutes. As you can see, this is less than 50% of the state average. They do have 55 minutes of LPN hours compared to the 52 minute average in NC. While this is a little above average, LPNs are not RNs. RNs are needed to perform nursing assessments of new conditions. RNs have more training and are better able to spot such conditions such as dehydration, malnutrition, changes in mental or physical functioning, etc. LPNs are often very caring, but they simply are not allowed to perform certain functions per the Nurse Practice Act of NC.

Another problem with too few nurses, in general, is that nurses will usually help supervise CNAs. If there aren't enough nurses, the CNAs will sometimes not do their jobs properly. At Adams Farm Living, the CNA staffing numbers are below the NC state average. Adams Farm Living provides just under 2 CNA hours per patient day. The NC average is just under 2.5 hours. This may not seem like much, but it is. Even at the average nursing home in NC, the CNAs work very hard to get their jobs done. Often, they don't have enough help at average homes. Remember, that "average" is not the same as "adequate".

So, when you see a nursing home with less CNA staffing than the average, you will typically see some problems. You will often not see, but the smell, the problem as you walk in the door. Urine and bleach welcome you to these homes. For those of you not used to these smells, it can make you gag. CNAs typically provide 80% of all care that residents receive. They are the front-line troops. They are overworked and underpaid. If you don't have enough of them and don't have enough nurses to supervise the CNAs you do have, it is a recipe for bad care.

Quality Measures- On a very positive note, the Quality Measures for this facility received four stars. Frankly, this is surprising news given their staffing levels. For the last survey, the nursing home had a low number of falls, low UTIs, low pain levels, low-pressure sores, low depressive symptoms, and 100% got their pneumonia vaccines and other indicators were average. This is a very strong score and the staff at Adams Farm should be commended for these good results. They also only received two deficiencies during their last survey in May 2012, and the NC average is four.

Ultimately, any facility that only receives one star should be looked at closely and carefully. It isn't the only consideration in picking a home, but it should be one of the major ones. Also, staffing levels are the number one indicator of proper care. While inspections and other indicators may look good, this only reflects a short period of time. When the state comes out for inspections, they look at what is going on then. However, that is only one or two days out of the whole year. Furthermore, I have had some nursing home staff at other nursing homes (NOT Adams Farm) tell me in depositions that they knew when the state was coming. These staff testified that they would call in extra staff to clean up real quick and get things in order for the state. So, I view surveys will a grain of salt. Let me repeat, I have never heard anything like this for Adams Farm Living. Also, DHHS is understaffed. While they do their best, they don't have the resources to look very deep into what is going on in a nursing home.

The best suggestion for picking a nursing home is to be informed. Hopefully, the above information can help some. My goal with these reports is not to persuade but to just inform. While I am a nursing home abuse attorney, this is not an attempt to get cases as I have more than I can handle already. Instead, my hope is that this information will help put pressure on nursing homes to increase the level of care provided. If more of the public knows about staffing, quality indicators and surveys, the nursing homes will start to care more about it.

In the News & Record article above, an Adams Farm representative stated that all of the deficiencies were corrected. That is always what happens. Nursing homes file a Plan of Correction when they are cited. This doesn't mean that it is "fixed". While the number of deficiencies may have been seven and not ten, their staffing levels are still very poor. Adams Farm nursing home has less than half of the number of full RNs at that home than the North Carolina average. Until this is corrected, they will continue to struggle.

UPDATE- I started to try and summarize and rank all of the nursing homes in the Guilford County and Greensboro areas. If you would like to see a ranking of best to worst of all homes, click on Guilford County Greensboro area nursing home review.