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Brian Center of Lexington Nursing Home

Brian Center of Lexington is a large nursing home in Lexington. For this year, it is a three star or average nursing home. This has improved since last year when it had only two stars. If you want to compare this home to other Greensboro homes, look at my Ranking and Review of local nursing homes. Let's look at the staffing levels at the Brian Center:

Brain Center of Lexington Nursing Home Overview

(The far right is the US average, the middle is the NC average and the left is Brian Center) The staffing levels are still 2 stars, which is below average. The LPN hours are particularly low at 36 minutes compared to the state average of 52 minutes. To put this in perspective, the state average is 50% higher than the Brian Center. The CNA hours has increased slightly to 1 hour and 40 minutes, but this is still FAR below the state average of 2 hours and 25 minutes. Remember also that "average" doesn't mean "adequate". Many state nursing homes have staffing levels too low to provide good care.

The Quality Measures are two stars or below average like last year. The incidence of pressure sores, restraint use, incontinence and catheter use is still high. In particular, the incontinence level is 81%. Sometimes in nursing homes, they will put diapers on residents for staff convenience. It is easier for staff to use diapers than to get residents up and take them to the bathroom. The percentage of residents who lost weight is below 1%, which is excellent as the average in NC is 9%. This is encouraging as this likely means that CNAs are doing a good job feeding their residents. Residents had 0 depressive symptoms compared to the average of 9%. I hate to sound suspicious, but I find it hard to believe that a one hundred bed facility has no residents with depressive symptoms. I assume that the facility will argue this was controlled by proper medication usage, which is certainly possible. Finally, only 77% got a pneumonia vaccine which is surprising as it only takes a few minutes to administer.

During their last inspection, the Brian Center got ZERO deficiencies which is excellent. The average in NC is four. This is a fantastic survey, so they staff that they do have probably work very hard. On the other hand, a survey is only one or two days out of the year. I have also received sworn testimony in the past that the Brian Center somehow received advance notice of inspections. Staff would say "Ms. Brown is in the building" when the investigators entered the home, which was their code word for DHHS. While I don't have any personal knowledge whether or not this is true, this information came from more than one former Brian Center employee. So, you may want to take the survey process and results with a grain of salt.


The Brian Center of Lexington is a 106 bed facility in Lexington. For 2012, it is a two star overall facility, and staffing is only two stars.

Staffing- As for the staffing numbers, when looked at more closely the number of CNAs is low. The Brian Center has 1 hour and 35 minutes of CNA hours per resident. The NC average is 2 hours and 27 minutes of CNA time per resident. "Average" doesn't mean "adequate", it just means what other nursing homes are doing. Many of the nursing homes in NC are understaffed. So, just being average doesn't mean that it is enough. From what I can tell, according to Medicare's Nursing Home Compare, the Brian Center of Lexington has one of the lowest staffing levels of CNAs per resident in the state of North Carolina.

Quality Measures- The Quality Measures are mixed with the overall rating of three stars which is average. A few of the Quality Measures are fairly high such as the risk of pressure sores is high, the risk of low risk residents who lose control of their bowels and bladder is very high. The Brian Center reported 78.8% while the NC average is 50.8%. High rates of reported incontinence in residents can reflect the staff's inability to get to them in time. So, the staff begins to report "incontinence" and put diapers on residents who don't need them. If a resident can get up with some help and go to the bathroom, then the staff should do that. Staff aren't allowed to just use diapers. Diapers not only are undignified, they are also problematic. The residents may sit in urine and feces for periods of time. Such overuse of diapers and lack of changing can increase the incidence of pressure sores. I am not saying that is what is happening at the Brian Center. Instead, I am saying that the literature and the medicine show a correlation between diaper use and pressure sores.

Owners- The Brian Center has had multiple cases against them over the last ten years. Let me point out that the facility has also had multiple owners over the last ten years. So any comments that I am making are simply showing a trend for the facility itself and not the current owners. While the ownership has changed over the years, the staffing has not. Since I first looked at this nursing home years ago, it has always been under the North Carolina staffing averages and has usually been one of the worst staffed nursing homes.

Cases- My first case against the Brian Center of Lexington involved a resident in the facility back in 2002. She went into the facility for rehabilitation following knee replacement. Within two months, she lost almost twenty pounds. She became severely dehydrated and developed stage IV pressure sores. Finally, she had to be rushed to the hospital and had surgeries for almost a year to help her heal. The facility wouldn't even offer to pay the medical bills, $38,000, for her surgical repair. So, the case was tried in Davidson County and the jury returned a verdict of $480,000.

Since that time, I have filed two other cases against this same facility. One of the subsequent cases also involved a pressure sore. I don't want to go into too much detail regarding these other cases. However, you can see the pleadings in the courthouse which are public records.

After such a negative but truthful reporting, I must be fair and say that during the last state inspection, the Brian Center only got two deficiencies. This is almost half of the state average. Also, the two deficiencies were very minor and neither caused harm to a resident. This great survey and the average Quality Measures make me hopeful that things may be improving. However, with the currently low CNA staffing, something things like the continually low staffing haven't changed at this facility.

While I am a nursing home abuse attorney and very active in eldercare groups, my goal is just to provide information on local nursing homes. If any staff or management of the Brian Center contact me and provide me with relevant information on the facility, I will post it. I will not post statements such as "we are working hard to help our seniors". That is meaningless. I will post something like "we have increased our LPN staffing numbers."

UPDATE- I started to try and summarize and rank all of the nursing homes in the Guilford County and Greensboro areas. If you would like to see a ranking of best to worst of all homes, click on Guilford County Greensboro area nursing home review.