Guilford Health Care Nursing Home

Guilford Health Care Center is a nursing home with 110 beds in Greensboro.

2015 REVIEW: Guilford Health Care Center is now a 4 star or “Above Average” nursing home. Just a few years ago, Guilford Health Care was a 1 star facility, so this is far improved. The staffing levels at Guilford Health Care are also now 4 stars:

2015 Guilford Health Care Center Overview

Staffing- The left column is the staffing levels for Guilford Health Care, the middle is the North Carolina average and the far right is the US average. As you can see, the licensed staff levels are above the state average. The CNA staffing levels are right around average. The CNA levels have improved significantly since my last review.

Quality Measures- Guilford Health Care got 3 stars or average for quality measures. I am not sure that they should have got 3 stars. If you look at the short term resident statistics, they aren’t very good. For example, 27% of the residents report severe pain compared to 19% state average. Only 20% of the residents got a flu shot compared to 83% state average. Only 8% got the pneumonia vaccine compared to 83% state average. These are terrible numbers, and these are the lowest scores that I have ever seen for these vaccinations.

As for long term care residents, the quality measures really weren’t any better. For example, 22% of the residents reported severe pain while the average was only 8%. So, almost three times more residents complained of severe pain as opposed to an average nursing home. Also, 10% of high risk residents got pressure sores compared to 7% state average. 70% of the residents were incontinent which is a very large number compared to state average 53%. Sometimes nursing homes will claim that residents are incontinent so they can put diapers on them instead of taking them to the bathroom. 11% of the residents lost weight compared to 8% average. Finally, only 22% of the residents got pneumonia vaccines compared to 93% average. This is just not acceptable. I am surprised that the state allowed such a low level. While the administration of vaccines may seem trivial, it isn’t. One out of twenty elderly adults who gets pneumonia dies from it.

Health Inspections- Guilford Health care got 3 stars or an average rating for inspections. However, they only got 2 health deficiencies and the average in North Carolina is four. Also, only one of the deficiencies was for health care the other was for food service. So, Guilford should have received a better score for inspections, probably a 4.

Conclusion- Guilford Health Care nursing home in Greensboro should be a 3 star or average facility. Their staffing levels have improved greatly, and they really only had one major deficiency. This are great accomplishments and significant improvements from the past. However, their quality measures still lag behind the better nursing homes. At the end of the day, staffing levels are the best indicator of future care but quality measures are a solid indicator of the past. So, it appears that things may be improving at Guilford but they aren’t there yet.