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Camden Place Health and Rehab

REVIEW 2015:

Camden Place Health and Rehab is now a 4 star or above-average facility. Their overall staffing levels have fallen to 3 stars or average:



Total number of residents




Total number of licensed nurse staff hours per resident per day

1 hour and 37 minutes

1 hour and 39 minutes

1 hour and 40 minutes

RN hours per resident per day

50 minutes

46 minutes

50 minutes

LPN/LVN Hours per resident per day

47 minutes

53 minutes

50 minutes

CNA hours per resident per day

2 hours and 23 minutes

2 hours and 24 minutes

2 hours and 27 minutes

Physical therapy staff hours per resident per day

15 minutes

6 minutes

6 minutes

The far left column is Camden Place, the middle column is the North Carolina average and the far right column is the US average. As you can see, Camden Place is now right on the average mark for staffing. Staffing is the primary indicator of the likelihood of future good care. So, they are now average. This is a tremendous drop from my last review. The last time I reviewed Camden Place, their CNA staffing was 3 hours and 18 minutes! Now it is all the way down to 2 hours and 23 minutes. Because of this huge drop in CNA staffing levels, I have dropped this nursing home from a top tier to a second tier home.

Quality measures- are 4 stars above average. Most of these indicators are good. However, 13.8% of the long term residents complained of severe pain compared to a state average of 8.2%. Also, the number of incontinent residents has jumped to 72.6% while the state average is 53.8%. These high incontinent numbers can sometimes represent staff attempts to just put diapers on residents. It can be much easier for staff to do that instead of take residents to the bathroom. The vast majority of these measures were good.

Health Inspections- 4 stars above average. However, Camden Place only got 1 deficiency. The average nursing home in North Carolina gets 4 deficiencies. I was prepared to write that Camden should have got 5 stars for only 1 deficiency, but the 1 deficiency was for a medication error rate of 7.6%. That is a high error rate. On the other hand, the sample size was small only 5 residents.

Conclusions- Camden Place is a beautiful nursing home that I have always ranked as a top tier home in the Greensboro area. However, I have dropped them down one level because of the drastic decreased in their CNA staffing levels. The quality measures are still high, so I am hopeful that Camden Place can keep up good care. It will not be easy with this reduction in staff. So, I still recommend Camden Place as a nursing home, but I will be watching them in the future for possible problems.


REVIEW 2013: Camden Place Health and Rehab is a 135-bed facility located at 1 Marithe Court in Greensboro. Camden Place is owned by Camden Place Health and Rehab LLC. The overall rating at Camden Place is four stars, which is above average. The staffing at Camden is also four stars above average:




Total Number of Residents




Total Number of Licensed Nurse Staff Hours per Resident per day

1 hour
53 minutes

1 hour
36 minutes

1 hour
36 minutes

RN Hours per Resident per Day

1 hour
2 minutes

45 minutes

47 minutes

LPN/LVN Hours per Resident per Day

51 minutes

52 minutes

50 minutes

CNA Hours per Resident per Day

3 hours
16 minutes

2 hours
25 minutes

2 hours
27 minutes

Physical Therapy Staff Hours per Resident per Day

11 minutes

7 minutes

6 minutes

(The far right is the US average staffing, the middle is the NC average and the far left column is Camden Place) Camden Place has substantially more RN hours than most nursing homes in NC and the US. However, even more important is the very high levels of CNAs and Physical Therapists. 3 hours and 16 minutes of CNA hours is excellent. Typically, high CNA staffing will mean that residents are fed, cleaned and got out of bed in a timely fashion. This may seem trivial, but this helps to reduce the incidence of bed soresdehydrationand malnutrition. Aside from the basic physical needs, such high staffing levels will simply help make sure that the residents are treated with dignity and respect. The total staffing at this facility will be over 5 hours which is one of the highest in the Piedmont area. I don't think that I have been inside Camden Place, but with these staffing levels, it should be a great nursing home. Also, it looks like a particularly good facility for short term physical therapy as their PT staffing is around 50% higher than the state average.

The Quality Measures reflect the high staffing also. There are no residents with physical restraints. Some of the other nursing homes in our area have restraints on their residents. Residents can sometimes be a symptom of understaffing as the staff tries to make the resident stay in place. On the other hand, if a resident is a fall risk some of the less restrictive restraints should be used. Wedges under the legs of residents or the use of lap buddies are good options, even though they are frowned upon by current nursing practices. Such systems can simply be abused to hold residents. However, if a resident keeps trying to get up, lap buddies help keep them safe.

Camden Place appears to be individually owned by a person in Vance County, and it is not part of a chain. You can compare Camden Place to other Greensboro area nursing homes by looking at my nursing home rankings and review.