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Clapps Nursing Center

Clapps Nursing Center is a 118 bed nursing home located at 5229 Appomattox Road in Pleasant Garden. Overall, Clapps has a five star rating per Medicare nursing home compare, which is the highest rating it can receive. The staffing levels at Clapps is four stars, which means above average:




Total Number of Residents




Total Number of Licensed Nurse Staff Hours per Resident per day

1 hour
30 minutes

1 hour
36 minutes

1 hour
36 minutes

RN Hours per Resident per Day

40 minutes

45 minutes

47 minutes

LPN/LVN Hours per Resident per Day

50 minutes

52 minutes

50 minutes

CNA Hours per Resident per Day

2 hours
20 minutes

2 hours
25 minutes

2 hours
27 minutes

Physical Therapy Staff Hours per Resident per Day

4 minutes

7 minutes

6 minutes

(The far right is the US average, the middle is the NC average and the left column is Clapps) As you can see, Clapps staffing is just slightly below the average in NC. Actually, that calls into question how it got four stars as Clapps should have got three stars, or an average rating for staffing. The PT staffing levels appear to be low, as the NC average is more than 50% higher. This could possibly reflect the population of residents in Clapps in that they may not require as much PT.

The Health Inspections at Clapps were excellent with only 1 deficiency when the average in NC is 4. On the other hand, the one deficiency did cause "Actual Harm" to a resident. The Quality Measures are also five stars and excellent. The only area of improvement could be the incidence of incontinence at Clapps. Again, this could reflect the population, but it could also reflect over use of diapers instead of getting the residents to the bathroom.

Clapps has traditionally been a good nursing home that is privately held. My understanding is that in the last few years the Clapps have retired and their children have taken over the home. We hope that their children continue to run a good home as well. I tried to look up this home on the internet, but I am unsure if they have a website as I couldn't find it. If you want to compare Clapps to other local nursing homes, you can visit my nursing home ranking and review page.