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Graybrier Nursing Home in Trinity

The Graybrier Nursing and Retirement Center is located at 116 Lane Drive in Trinity. Graybrier is a 128-bed facility which is a larger-sized nursing home as the average is only 89 beds in North Carolina. Even though the Graybrier has 128 beds they only reported 109 residents. So, their census is down or they have problems filling beds in a smaller community like Trinity.

Graybrier is a two-star facility that is below average, but I think that is too low. This facility is at least three stars and maybe four stars, and you can compare it to other nursing homes in the Greensboro area. One reason for this is their staffing levels are an impressive four stars. If you read any of my other reviews, you will see that I think that staffing is the most important indicator of good care. Here is the summary of Graybrier's staffing:

Summary of Graybrier's staffing

I couldnt get the formatting right in the above chart, the US average is on the far right, NC in middle and Graybrier on the left. The RN staffing levels are very low at 29 minutes compared to the state average of 45 minutes. On the other hand, the Graybrier LPN staffing is very high, almost 50% more than the state average. LPNs can't perform primary assessments like a full RN, but they can be outstanding caregivers. Since the overall licensed staff is higher than the average, this should be fine. Families should just watch for changes in the condition of the resident, changes in medications, etc., and make sure that the LPNs are aware of the change. Ask questions. Also, the Graybrier appears to have a good medical director which should help.

The Graybrier CNA staffing is outstanding at 3 hours and 6 minutes. This is far above the average in NC, and it is one of the highest in the Greensboro area. In my experience, high levels of CNA staffing is the most important factor in choosing a nursing home. CNAs deliver the vast majority of all care, and the most critical aspects of care such as feeding, bathing, keeping the residents clean and dry, etc. While I have never seen the Graybrier, they certainly should have enough staff to provide good care.

The Graybrier got only one star for Health Inspections. At first, I couldn't understand why they only got one star as there was only one deficiency last year. The average number of deficiencies in NC is almost four. However, the one incident was fairly serious and was obviously important to the state inspectors. It involved a combative resident who was essentially assaulting staff and other residents. These assaults weren't properly reported to the DON or the administrator, and nothing was done in a timely fashion. Ultimately, when management was notified they called the police and the combative resident was taken to the hospital. DHHS cited the facility for failing to "Ensure that a nursing home area is free from accident hazards and provide adequate supervision to prevent avoidable accidents." You can read the entire DHHS report here. While this is serious and the nursing home staff did fail in not reporting this sooner, this is just an isolated incident. The Graybrier doesn't deserve a one-star rating for this. Don't get me wrong, it is deficient care. However, isolated incidents are going to happen on occasion. This one incident doesn't outweigh the outstanding staffing levels at this facility.

Finally, the Graybrier did receive 9 Fire Safety deficiencies and the average in NC is only 3.2. The deficiencies included improper wiring, some smoke alarm issues and lack of fire drills. It doesn't appear that anyone was hurt by these things, a Plan of Correction was filed and implemented. So, this shouldn't be a problem anymore. In a nutshell, this should be a good nursing home. It is also privately owned and not part of a chain, which usually means that it is a better run facility by people who care. The Graybrier website does seem to reflect such care. So, the Graybrier should be a good nursing home and you can see how I rank it compared to other nursing homes in the Greensboro area.