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Triad Care in High Point

Triad Care is on North Elm Street in High Point. Triad Care is a very large nursing home with 199 beds, which is twice as big as the average nursing home in NC. Triad Care takes both Medicare and Medicaid residents. Triad Care is a two-star nursing home overall. During 2012, they only got two deficiencies during inspections, which is lower than the state average of almost four. Obviously, this is very encouraging. However, you should still be cautious about this nursing home. One reason is the 2012 self-reported staffing levels:

Overview of Triad Care & Rehabilitation Center

The first problem that you can see is the low CNA staffing level. Triad Care has 25 minutes less than the state average in CNA staffing. This is very important as CNAs provide the vast majority, probably 80% of all care, that residents receive. Most nursing homes struggle to provide enough CNA care, so this facility will most likely have an even harder time meeting the needs of residents. For comparison, look at my Ranking of Nursing Homes in our area. I haven't been to this facility in probably six years. However, watch out for residents staying in bed, not getting fed properly, not changed in a timely fashion, etc.

Triad Care is only a one-star facility for Quality Measures. Short stay and long stay residents are more likely to develop pressure sores. Often, this reflects CNA care problems with turning and positioning, failure to keep residents dry, and malnutrition/dehydration issues. The incidence of UTIs is almost twice the state average. So, CNAs may not be wiping properly or are allowing residents to sit in urine, or possibly dehydration. One very surprising indicator was physical restraints. At Triad Care, they are using restraints on 5.9% of their residents as opposed to the state average of 1.7%. Why is there a 300% increase in the use of restraints at this facility? To be fair, there could be a reason for this. Perhaps more of these residents need lap belts, wedges or some other device to keep them from falling out of chairs. I do seem to remember that some part of this facility is some sort of mental health unit for younger residents, somewhat like a psyche ward. However, all restraints must be evaluated by doctors and families should keep an eye on this. Residents who are restrained decline faster, have a lower quality of life, develop pressure sores at a higher rate, etc.

Another potential issue is the parent company of this facility. The owner of Triad Care is Sunbridge Regency NC, Inc. If you look at the Triad Care website, you will not see this name listed. You will probably not see that name anywhere. Within the last year, Sun Healthcare was bought by Genesis Healthcare. Sun Healthcare has a long history of neglect and abuse across the United States. Triad Care itself used to be called Sunbridge Care & Rehab. In 2007, this nursing home was the worst nursing home in NC. This was the only special focus facility in the state in 2007. SFF means that the federal government targeted it as a problem for providing very bad care. So, like many nursing homes, they change their name and keep the right ongoing. On the nursing home compare site, it still lists Sunbridge as the owner.

I don't know whether or not Genesis Healthcare will make any positive changes. I do see that this is no longer an SFF facility, which is a big step in the right direction. It also appears that the entire management team has been replaced with long term Genesis employees. However, as stated above it is still a two-star facility overall. Their deficiencies were surprisingly low, but this is only from a few days out of the year. We will have to wait and see how Triad Care performs in the future. I truly hope that they continue to improve.