Westwood Healthcare

Westwood Healthcare is a smaller nursing home in Archdale with 68 beds. Westwood Healthcare has an overall rating of 3 stars which is average. However, I like to focus more on staffing levels. Staffing is the number one indicator of good care in a nursing home. Westwood is one star out of five for staffing:

Overview of Westwood Healthcare

As you can see, there are several issues with staffing. First, the levels of RNs and LPNs are both below the state average. Just meeting the state average isn't anything to brag about as many nursing homes are understaffed. The CNA staffing levels at Westwood are very low at just over two hours. CNAs provide the vast majority, possibly 80%, of all care that residents receive. So, low CNA staffing can cause real problems. Some potential problems are not getting residents out of bed in a timely fashion, not taking the time to feed residents, not changing residents' dirty diapers, etc.

Quality Measures are below average with falls and UTIs being an issue at Westwood. Remarkably, Westwood only had one deficiency in 2012 which is above average and truly excellent. The average in NC is four. However, inspections are only one or two days during the entire year.

To summarize, I think that smaller homes like Westwood typically provide better care than average. The big chains are the real problem. However, I am concerned about the lower staffing levels. Given the low number of deficiencies, it seems that management is doing a good job making do with the staff that they have. On the other hand, most federal studies suggest it takes close to four hours per resident day to provide adequate care. If you want to compare this nursing home to other nursing homes in our area, you can look at my Nursing Home review.