Maryfield Pennybyrn Nursing Home

Maryfield nursing home or Pennybyrn at Maryfield is absolutely beautiful. It is a five-star facility, which means much above average. Maryfield is operated by the Catholic church, and most of the religious-based nursing homes provide very good care. Since these religious homes are non-profits, they can put more money back into providing good care and not just corporate profits. Maryfield is a very large nursing home with 104 skilled beds. Maryfield appears to be the skilled portion and a "true" nursing home, while Pennybyrn is the retirement community. Mayfield's staffing levels per

Nursing Home Staffing




Total Number of Residents




Total number of licensed nurse staff hours per resident per day

1 hour and 37 minutes

1 hour and 37 minutes

1 hour and 38 minutes

RN Hours per Resident per Day

41 minutes

45 minutes

48 minutes

LPN/LVN Hours per Resident per Day

56 minutes

52 minutes

50 minutes

CNA Hours per Resident per Day

3 hours and 23 minutes

2 hours and 27 minutes

2 hours and 28 minutes

Physical Therapy Staff Hours per Resident per Day

4 minutes

6 minutes

6 minutes

Staffing- Maryfield received four stars for staffing which means above average. Most of their staffing levels are actually average and not above average. However, their CNA levels are very high and this makes all of the difference. Maryfield or Pennybyrn provides 3 hours and 23 minutes of CNA nursing care per patient day. The average in NC is only 2 hours and 27 minutes. So, this is almost 50% higher than the average nursing home. CNAs provide the vast majority of hands-on nursing care in homes. So, with levels this high it is no wonder that this nursing home has such a great reputation in the community.

Quality Measures- Maryfield Pennybyrn nursing home received four stars or above average for Quality Measures. Quality Measures is an indicator of how the residents are doing in a nursing home. All of the indicators looked good. One indicator, in particular, the low use of antipsychotic medications, was very good. At Maryfield, the percentage of residents on serious drugs was only 9% and the NC average is 16%. Many of the corporate-run homes have percentages over 25% as it seems easier to them to drug residents than to take care of them. Not at Maryfield, this 9% is very low and one of the lowest around which is great. This makes a big difference as residents who are over-medicated just don't do well. Of course, Maryfield has the CNA staffing levels to handle unmedicated residents and the vast majority of corporate homes do not.

Inspections- Maryfield got zero deficiencies during the last state inspection. This is fantastic. Rarely do you see a nursing home with zero, almost never? The average number of deficiencies in NC is 3.2. Sometimes I think that state inspectors feel that they must find something wrong or they aren't doing their jobs.

Summary- Maryfield nursing home or Pennybynn is one of the best nursing homes in the middle of North Carolina and most likely one of the best in the state. If you want to compare Maryfield.