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Public Transportation Accident Lawyer

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People use the public transportation system regularly to get to work, school, or for pleasure and business travel. Most of the time these means of transportation are safe, however it can occur that due to negligence on the part of the carrier, an accident may occur, resulting in injuries.

A common carrier is considered any businesses that provides the public service of transporting passengers or cargo for a fee. Commercial buses, trains and airplanes are examples of common carriers that may be sued in the event of an accident.

Interstate Commerce Act

The Federal Government regulates common carrier travel under the Interstate Commerce Act for transportation across state lines. North Carolina state law generally regulates public transportation systems occurring within state lines. Common carriers are required follow strict regulation to ensure the greatest safety of passengers. When codes are not followed or maintenance and safety standards are ignored, common carriers put passengers' lives at risk.

Serious injuries can occur, including:

An experienced public transportation accident attorney is familiar with the strict laws that govern these transportation companies.

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If you or someone you know has been injured in any form of public transportation, you should contact Roane Law immediately so that he can meet with you and discuss one on one the exact details of what occurred. Common carrier laws are complex and require a thorough investigation of all the facts in order to present a strong case for you to receive compensation for any injuries you've sustained. Attorney Roane has helped numerous clients obtain successful settlement amounts and may be able to do the same for you.

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