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The lawyers at Roane Law have handled hundreds of personal injury cases in Asheboro and Randolph County. Our legal team knows that when we take on your personal injury case, you have trusted us to be successful in helping you to secure the best outcome possible for you and your loved ones. We have tried personal injury trials in Asheboro, Randolph County. The last trial involved a car wreck with low property damage but serious injury. The insurance company, Allstate, refused to even pay the medical bills. Whenever there is low property damage in a wreck, they will try and gamble with the jury. They hope that bias against plaintiffs will help them win. However, the jury came back with a $100,000 verdict. Allstate had only offered $12,000.

We can't guarantee the same result in your injury or car wreck case. We can guarantee that we know how to fight. Since we take fewer cases than other firms, we can fight harder on each case. This helps to make sure that you get full value. Instead, some other personal injury law firms have "case managers" that handle their cases. If you want a lawyer with experience then you will need to call us. Ask your lawyer, if you can get them on the phone, how many injury cases have you tried and what were the results? If you don't get a good answer, then call us. Even though we are in Greensboro, we will be glad to drive down to Asheboro and meet you. We can meet you at your home. We will work for you, and our job is to make this easier for you.

Attorney James Roane has first-hand knowledge of the pain and trauma connected with a severe injury which has been caused by another. His personal story gives him the motivation to provide you with the dedicated and compassionate service Roane Law has become known for.

After completing college and while working as a small business owner, he received serious injuries in a car accident. These injuries made surgery, therapy and treatment a necessity. Unfortunately, the defendant's insurance company delayed payment of his medical bills causing medical personnel to go unpaid and those bills going to collections. Similar to many victims who do not have trusted legal representation, he was in a position of having to fight the insurance company while he should have been concentrating on getting well. In the end, the insurance company had to pay the claim but only after a year's worth of battle.

As a result, he sold his business and attended Wake Forest University Law School. He has made it his goal to ensure that other individuals do not have to go through the struggles he did in order to be properly compensated for their injuries. If you have been seriously hurt in a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident, our firm is here to help. When a drunk driving accident, a slip and fall incident, medical malpractice, dog bite or other animal inflicted injury, nursing home neglect or abuse or premises liability has resulted in severe harm, a knowledgeable personal injury attorney from our firm should be quickly contacted.

Compensation for Personal Injury

Our concentration is on the more complex and serious injury cases. Although there are a multitude of lawyers who can adequately resolve minor personal injury situations, a severe injury case takes much more preparation, focus and experience. Many times, experts on vocation, engineering, safety and additional areas will need to be hired and used to prove your case. We retain private investigators, nurses, economists and medical experts as needed to establish validity of your claim. It is not unusual that over $50,000 will be spent solely to bring your case to trial in a way that provides the best opportunity for a victory on your behalf. At times, other attorneys refer their litigation cases to us so that we can do what we excel at, winning the tough cases in a court of law.

We are unique, however, in that we operate on the basis that you will not be charged any fees or costs if we do not accomplish a recovery for you. While many firms make similar claims, they do in fact bill their clients for costs that are incurred along the way. Our firm is with you to the end of the fight and when we state that you will not owe us unless we prevail on your behalf, that is precisely what we mean.

Injury Attorney

The decision to be selective about the cases we take on means that we are not able to assist every individual who comes to us. If we do undertake your case, all of our work and actions are focused on just one goal. We intend to win it just as Attorney James Roane did in his own situation many years ago.

The consequences of your accident or incident may be that you are suffering from severe burns, paralysis, brain or spinal cord injury. In the worst case, you have had to endure the wrongful death of a loved one. By definition, a personal injury case involves harm caused by the negligent actions of another. Legally, it must be shown who was at fault and that their carelessness was the cause of your injury. In addition, the severity of your injuries along with the repercussions in your life needs to be firmly established. This is where our team of investigators and paralegals work to protect your rights and fight for the compensation you should receive.

We know the full extent of medical costs and recovery that are required when serious personal injuries are received. For many, custodial care will be needed along with life-long medical treatment. The victims may never be able to earn a living. The individuals in our injury firm understand what you are going through and feel you deserve the opportunity to receive the very best efforts of an accomplished legal team.

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We urge you to contact us so that your case can be correctly reviewed by an attorney with a proven record of success.

Hear It From Our Clients 

  • “I cannot express how grateful I was to find you.”

    - Ms. Gregory
  • “I was in a bad car accident and the other party was 100% at fault, but the responsible insurance company fought me every step of the way.”

    - Arne
  • “They treated me better than a client I felt like they were family and they were genuinely concerned about me and what I was going through and that meant so much to me.”

    - Monica
  • “James Roane and his team fight with the tenacity, sympathy and empathy that you want in a legal team.”

    - Stephanie
  • “I was seriously injured in a car accident. Roane Law stepped up for me!”

    - Debra M.

The Roane Law Difference

You Can Count on Us
  • Millions of Dollars Recovered

    We have been successful with the cases we have taken on and helped our clients recover compensation for their injuries.

  • Understanding & Attentive

    "I understand what you are going through," says James Roane, as he has experienced recovering compensation after a car wreck himself.

  • Countless Cases Handled

    Attorney James Roane is the hardest working attorney in Greensboro, helping countless clients recover compensation.

  • Contingency Fees

    This personal injury firm is also different in that there will be no fees - nor any costs - should there be no recovery.

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