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Car Wrecks, Wrongful Death, and Other Injury Cases

The attorneys at Roane Law have handled many personal injury cases in Burlington and the entire Alamance County area. We have handled car wrecks, auto accidents of any sort such as motorcycle or truck wrecks, premises liability, wrongful death and others. Our most recent personal injury case involved a woman who was injured at a store. She was shopping for rugs when the entire rack fell over onto her. She had severe injuries which required multiple surgeries. The insurance company for the store literally offered nothing to settle. Even though the woman had tens of thousands of medical bills and lost wages, the insurance company refused to pay. So, I filed suit.

Another Alamance County personal injury trial was in the old courthouse in Graham. It was a car wreck case involving Jimmy of Jimmy's Locksmith. He was driving his work van when another driver ran a stop sign and t-boned Jimmy. The force of the collision turned the van over and Jimmy hurt his back and needed surgery. The insurance company wouldn't even pay for the medical bills. So we filed suit in Alamance County and tried the case in Graham. The jury came back with a verdict over the motor vehicle insurance limits and almost three times their last offer.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

One thing about these serious personal injury cases, you most always have to file suit to get insurance companies to even pay attention to the claim. At mediation, they offered nothing. So, we tried the case. The Alamance County jury was made up of great people. They listened carefully to the evidence of severe and permanent injuries and returned a verdict of $579,000. To my knowledge, it was the highest injury verdict in Alamance County in a non-death case. While our personal injury lawyers can't guarantee this result, we can guarantee that we know how to fight. We fight hard. So, if you have been in an auto accident and you need a law firm with real experience and real results, call us. We have an office right downtown in Burlington on Front Street. We are at the corner of Lexington, which is about eight minutes from Graham. However, we work for you. Let us make your life easier, that is our job. We will come to you! Don't miss any work or worry about this case anymore. We will take it from here.

If you or someone you are close to has received a severe personal injury caused by another, such as one received from a car, motorcycle, pedestrian or truck accident, you are going to need the help of a proven Burlington injury lawyer. For more than a decade, James Roane has been committed to assisting those who have suffered through no fault of their own. This includes not only vehicle accident victims but people hurt by medical malpractice, nursing home abuse and neglect, premises liability, workers' compensation claim situations and others. While there is no doubt that an experienced attorney can significantly improve the opportunity to be properly compensated for your pain and suffering, the question is what sort of a lawyer should you look for?

When a spinal cord, brain or other serious injury occurs, the physical and emotional trauma can be tremendously difficult on the individual and his or her family. This is made even more difficult with medical bills that continue to grow and the prospect of being unable to earn a living in the short or long term. You do not want a lawyer who is going to worsen your financial situation by charging large fees for their services. At this firm, no fees or costs are charged unless a recovery is made on your behalf. This does not mean, as it does with some firms, that you are charged for expenses whether we prevail on your behalf or not. You will not owe us a fee for our services. When we decide to take on your case, it is with just one purpose in mind – to win it.

Many firms take on a high volume of personal injury cases and do a fine job on the less serious injuries. We focus, however, on the severe cases that take more work to develop and bring to a successful conclusion. We are selective about the cases that we take and only work on more complex negotiation and litigation personal injury matters. While there are a vast number of lawyers who can take on the smaller personal injury cases, few have a track record of winning the larger cases. You want a Burlington personal injury law firm that concentrates on complicated cases and has the experience, time and resources to win them.

Attorney James Roane is rated AV® Preeminent™ by Martindale-Hubbell®. Over 17,000 attorneys in North Carolina were polled on the best lawyers in the state and he was chosen as the top attorney under the age of 40. If your injuries are severe and you desire a firm that is dedicated, accomplished and works solely on the basis that we are committed to producing a favorable result, please read on.

What Can a Proven Trial Lawyer Do for Your Case?

When required, we hire engineers, safety and vocational experts, economists, private investigators, nurses, medical experts and others to support and prove the severity and extent of your injuries and need for compensation. At times, a case can cost our firm over $75,000 just to bring it to trial. Most high-volume firms just don't have the time, resources and skills required to bring complex cases to a positive result. The true test of the financial value of a personal injury case is when it has been taken all the way through to completion, in a court of law. You need, therefore, a real trial lawyer as your representative.

Frequently, no matter how valid your case may appear to be, an insurance company is going to do everything possible to either try to deny your claim or to considerably reduce its value. The same principle holds true for attorneys who are hired to protect the individual who brought about your accident. The firm wants you to have legal representation that is just as dedicated to seeing that justice is served in your case. We solely represent plaintiffs in personal injury proceedings, not defendants or insurance companies.

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Whether the injuries involve a slip and fall or drunk driving accident, a head-on collision or even result in a wrongful death, we are here exclusively to help those who have been seriously harmed. We hope that by retaining our firm, you will have some peace of mind in knowing that you are now in the care of compassionate and accomplished legal counsel.

Hear It From Our Clients 

  • “I cannot express how grateful I was to find you.”

    - Ms. Gregory
  • “I was in a bad car accident and the other party was 100% at fault, but the responsible insurance company fought me every step of the way.”

    - Arne
  • “They treated me better than a client I felt like they were family and they were genuinely concerned about me and what I was going through and that meant so much to me.”

    - Monica
  • “James Roane and his team fight with the tenacity, sympathy and empathy that you want in a legal team.”

    - Stephanie
  • “I was seriously injured in a car accident. Roane Law stepped up for me!”

    - Debra M.

The Roane Law Difference

You Can Count on Us
  • Millions of Dollars Recovered

    We have been successful with the cases we have taken on and helped our clients recover compensation for their injuries.

  • Understanding & Attentive

    "I understand what you are going through," says James Roane, as he has experienced recovering compensation after a car wreck himself.

  • Countless Cases Handled

    Attorney James Roane is the hardest working attorney in Greensboro, helping countless clients recover compensation.

  • Contingency Fees

    This personal injury firm is also different in that there will be no fees - nor any costs - should there be no recovery.

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