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Most car accidents that involve a severe, long-term injury ideally require an attorney to get the best compensation. An experienced car accident attorney will be beneficial in navigating the confusing and chaotic world of injury settlements and insurance claims after a car crash. We will discuss everything our Burlington car accident attorney can do for you once you hire us for your case!

We Know Our Way Around The Law

Hiring an attorney to represent you after a severe car crash means you will have a professional working for you – someone knowledgeable about all relevant laws and rules that might apply to your case. They will advise you about your state’s shared fault rules and how they could affect your case if your own negligence played a part in causing the accident. A lawyer will also be well-versed in the statutes of limitations that could bar you from filing a case against the at-fault party.

For example, in several states, you must file a lawsuit within the first two years of the incident, or you will lose the right to do so. Your lawyer will also inform you about any unique exceptions that could help your case – like a minor generally has more time to file a claim than an adult.

Once you hire us to represent your case, we can file the lawsuit on your behalf and know how to best respond to the defense raised by the opposing party. Moreover, once your case gets underway, an attorney will be pivotal in preparing your arguments and even go to trial if you fail to settle it outside the court. Though a lawsuit is rarely required to resolve such matters, the threat of legal action can give you substantial leverage when negotiating for a fair settlement! With a professional by your side, you can quickly level the playing field, especially if you are against a large insurance company.

An Attorney Knows How To Best Deal With Insurance Providers

After a car accident, most people quickly get ready to meet their insurance companies to help file claims. However, if you do this alone, you might have a lowball offer or unfair compensation. Therefore, you must seek professional legal advice when dealing with an insurance provider. Instead of giving you total compensation, an insurance adjuster will focus more on making a decent profit for their company. Their initial offerings will not match what you deserve for your pain, damage, and suffering.

You must hire an attorney if you genuinely want what’s rightfully yours. A Burlington car accident attorney will handle all negotiations with your insurance company to ensure you get the best compensation possible. They will better understand insurance laws that affect your case and can interpret the language of your insurance policy regarding the exclusions, limitations, and coverage. The assistance and knowledge of an attorney will ensure you get full compensation for the injuries you sustained in your accident.

They Will Have The Ability To Take Things To Court

Even if your claim is powerful and you have excellent grounds for winning the case and getting decent compensation, you must remember that the process can be very long and expensive. If the defendant is ready to settle the issue outside the court, an attorney will help you decide if the offer is reasonable enough for you to accept or if it would be better for you to settle things in court.
Since most court cases are time-consuming and expensive, you must never try to undertake them alone, as the at-fault party might try and stop you from suing them. Moreover, there is additional pressure that comes with filing a court case. If you have faced severe injuries from your accident, chances are you won’t be able to focus on your case until you have recovered. By hiring a skilled and experienced attorney, you can stand firm in court as they answer all questions on your behalf.


A Burlington car accident attorney can easily handle investigations, negotiations, and communications with your insurance provider while you take your time to recover and return to your everyday life. If you or someone you know suffers from serious car accident injuries, please don’t wait and hire a professional car accident attorney today! Ensure your chosen professional has a lot of experience representing similar cases. Your lawyer is ethically required to act with your best interests in mind through each stage of your claim process.

Whether presenting your case to a jury or dealing with an insurance provider outside the court, your lawyer will be your representative, ensuring that your side of the story is heard and you are compensated fairly for all your losses. If you are looking for an attorney someone in or around Burlington, feel free to reach out to Roane Law for help!

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After being through several personal injury cases throughout their careers, our Roane Law attorneys can easily guide you through each step of filing a claim. Moreover, our attorneys will stand beside you during your settlement negotiations with the insurance company to give you their professional opinion on the case. If they feel you are not getting fair compensation, they will also help you take your case to court. While most legal firms handle whatever case comes through their door, we don’t. At Roane Law, we only handle personal injury cases. This gives us a lot of advantages in the field, which you can use to your advantage. Call our team at 336-617-6125 to book your appointment immediately.