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Trucking cases are difficult and must be pursued aggressively, and you will most likely need an injury attorney for these types of cases. The attorney needs to contact the trucking company quickly so that the trucking company doesn’t destroy documentation. Documentation such as driver’s logs only has to be kept for a short period of time unless put on notice of a claim. Also, data from event recorders on the trucks can provide critical information such as speeds, braking, etc.

When involved in an accident with a truck, injuries can be much more severe and life-threatening. Due to their weight and size, they can cause catastrophic injuries that may require long-term medical attention and could leave you disabled, or even cause death. These types of accidents can include back injuries, neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and other types of serious injuries. This is when you need to contact a Greensboro truck accident attorney to file a claim and receive compensation.

Should I Hire A Truck Accident Attorney?

If you are in an accident involving an 18-wheeler, your first priority should be your safety. The moments, hours, and days following a truck accident can be stressful as you focus on physical recovery. By enlisting the knowledge of an experienced truck accident attorney, you will have a team at your side to help you by investigating the accident, compiling important and helpful documents, and working hard to ensure that all-important deadlines are met. Working with an attorney has many benefits and can, at its core, allow you to focus on recovery while we focus on getting you the compensation you deserve.

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Because of the factors involving ownership of the truck, trailer, the load being carried, and even the party who loaded the truck, truck accidents require completely different skills and knowledge than a common automobile accident. There are numerous factors that can affect the outcome and size of your claim that only a personal injury attorney can assist you with. James Roane has the knowledge and skill to represent you in this type of complex case that requires meticulous attention to detail in order to properly determine the negligent party or parties.

Factors that can affect liability are violations of any of the many Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that govern the trucking industry as well as determining the exact ownership of each piece of the truck involved in the accident. Sometimes the driver may own the tractor and the trailer he is hauling, but he may only own the tractor or neither. The goods being transported may have been loaded improperly, bringing another possible party to the table. Maintenance of any of these vehicles may also be an issue. Each owner or possible at-fault party must be identified to ensure you are adequately compensated for your loss.

Due to the large policy requirements for trucks, any claim you present must be thoroughly documented to support the settlement figure being sought. Trucking companies have the most experienced claims adjusters and attorneys representing them in the industry. They will be serious about paying out as little as possible on any trucking claim or attempt to pass negligence off to another party. Because of this, it is important to have a Greensboro truck accident attorney who knows how to handle these types of accidents.

Having dealt with highly complex personal injury cases in North Carolina, Attorney Roane has the type of experience you need to aggressively stand up to the insurance companies and pursue monetary compensation for your losses. Finally, many of these trucking cases and more complex car accident cases require an accident reconstructionist to review and analyze the case. Call our Greensboro auto accident attorney if you have questions. A good reconstruction of the wreck may establish speeds, sight distances, stopping analysis, and other factors.

Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

We are very familiar with the time-consuming detail required to properly document all aspects of your truck accident case. If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, our staff is aware of the problems you are experiencing. It is not easy dealing with any motor vehicle collision, but it can be especially difficult when it was an 18-wheeler and a large corporation is defending the case.

We care about what you are going through and as our record shows, Greensboro truck accident attorney, James Roane has won almost every jury trial he has had in the last six years. This means that we have obtained a verdict at least more than the last insurance offer, and on average get more than three times the last offer. Although we cannot guarantee the same results as all cases are different, we can guarantee that we will fight hard for you.

Regardless of which attorney you choose, just make sure that they have litigated one of these cases before. Truck wrecks cases are not easy to pursue, and attorneys who have not handled them before will not even know that documents will be destroyed and information lost. Truck companies are only required to keep data for a short time frame, and you can bet that once that time is up, the information will be destroyed. So, ask your lawyer, “have you litigated a truck case before?” Whether you were injured in Burlington or a surrounding area, we’re here for you. Contact us today.