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“The problem with most brain injury cases is that you can’t always see the injury itself, just the effects.”

Brain injuries can occur in many different types of accidents. Any brain injury is likely to have severe ramifications on a person’s health and quality of life. An injury of this nature can lead to loss of mobility, balance, impaired vision, memory loss, and many more types of injuries. Brain injuries can cause irreversible changes in your life, your ability to work, and your future. They can even result in death.

Some Causes Of Injuries To The Brain Are:

Showing the full extent of a brain injury requires a full workup of CT scans, functional MRIs, neuro psyche evaluations, etc. Brain injuries can result in long-term care. It is important to understand that a brain injury case is a highly complex area that requires the expertise and skill of an experienced Greensboro brain injury lawyer from the Roane Law Offices to determine exactly what course of action needs to be taken.

James Roane has successfully handled many brain injury cases including a significant injury to a young girl in Alamance County. In that case, a life care plan was established which helps to establish future medical needs and loss of earning capacity. Also, we were able to send her for a PET scan which is a multi-million dollar type of brain scan that is able to show the full extent of a brain injury. In addition, a neuro-psych evaluation can test your brain function and possibly show specific brain damage areas based on low test scores. Usually, this brain testing is combined with MRIs, PET, CT, or other scans to determine brain injury. Without these tests, it is hard to prove a brain injury. The jury or insurance adjuster may look at the injured person and think that they are fine.

Brain injuries involving someone else’s negligence are known to occur from severe car accidents, drunk driving accidents falls that occur either at work or on someone else’s premises, or resulting from inappropriate or poor medical treatment. If you or a loved one has sustained a severe brain injury, you need the help of our Greensboro brain injury lawyers at Roane Law right away. Our expertise in representing clients from beginning through to a successful settlement is a track record we are proud of. Our legal staff will treat you with the respect and individual attention you deserve.

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The Greensboro brain injury lawyers at the Roane Law Office have the professionalism and the experience to effectively assess your case and plan how they can best assist you. James Roane has the greatest concern for your care and well-being and is competent in assessing the damages you may be entitled to.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain or spinal cord injury in an accident, you need a Greensboro brain injury lawyer at your side. Contact Roane Law and you will get the help that you need.