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What You Need To Know About Wrongful Death Cases In NC, Heirs Only

The claim is for the heirs, rather than people who are in the will. Heirs are determined by intestate succession laws and this will trump anything written in a will. Of course, this can create real heartache and anger among family members. One example is the prodigal son who never returned home.

The son could have left the home and never looked back. He could have lived a criminal life and never even bothered to write or visit his parents. However, he is still an heir as he is still their son. The laws will not judge who was good or bad, and will just determine who is an heir. Intestate succession can be very complicated, and you should ask your attorney about specifics.


In a wrongful death case, the deceased passed away as a result of the negligence (or other liability) of another person. Wrongful deaths can result from such things as defective or dangerous products, car accidents, trips, and falls, or even intentional assaults. When someone is responsible for bringing about the death of another, then there is a problem legally as the deceased cannot bring suit against the person responsible.

A wrongful death lawsuit is meant to resolve this, being filed on behalf of the family of the deceased. It is a civil action and not a criminal one. The types of damages that can be recovered in a wrongful death case vary but could typically include such things as loss of future income; loss of inheritance; loss of companionship and funeral expenses. Also, the pain and suffering of the deceased prior to his death will be considered. Also, if there is a recovery for wrongful death, it is typically not an estate asset.


Wrongful death lawyers must also work hard to explain the loss of the deceased to the family. Jurors sometimes think, “we can’t bring them back, so what good will this do?” Greensboro wrongful death attorneys at Roane Law will talk to family and find out exactly what was lost. Death is a part of life, but wrongful death is not. In a wrongful death case, a person is taken before their time. It simply is hard for the family to move on knowing that someone you cared about was killed by the negligence of another.

Every birthday, mother’s day, Christmas, or other days bring back these memories which may last for the rest of the survivors’ lives. This must be explained to the jury. In addition, the jurors must be told that the law requires that a monetary amount be put on this loss. Part of the whole purpose of our justice system is reimbursement as well as deterrence. By holding negligent defendants responsible, it makes them, and others, think twice about being reckless or taking risks that endanger others. Making sure the defendant doesn’t get away with it and help prevent this from happening again are key reasons to pursue death claims.

Statute Of Limitations

The statute of limitations for wrongful death claims is typically two years from the date of death. This creates some serious time restraints. While it may seem like plenty of time, case documents such as medical records, incident reports, photos will need to be gathered. Also, in the case of medical malpractice such as nursing home abuse, you will need a medical expert witness.

You can allow our office to take care of the difficult aspects of this trying time and attempt to obtain compensation for you and your family from the negligent party. One has to remember, the deceased can’t fight back, but you and your family still have legal rights. At Roane Law, our Greensboro wrongful death lawyers will help you through this difficult time caused by your loved one’s wrongful death and treat you with respect, dignity, and sensitivity. Almost every nursing home abuse case that our attorneys handle is a wrongful death case.

Such nursing home wrongful death cases have a statute of limitations of two years. We will need to act quickly to get medical records, get the facility licensing information, talk to witnesses, have the case reviewed by experts- all before we are able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. For whatever reason, nursing home companies do not try to settle without litigation. We have tried many times, but the companies just use this time to learn your case, what witnesses you have and try to build a case against you.

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