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It does not matter how experienced a driver you consider yourself to be; you can’t control everyone else’s actions on the road. Even a minor accident could easily drown you in unexpected problems and costs. After most minor car accidents, people assume they have no injuries or damages, making it less worthwhile to pursue a Reidsville car accident attorney for a claim. However, several injuries, like a traumatic brain injury, could take days or weeks before any signs. This accident claim could be complicated, with much on the line for your future.

It would help if you spoke with a professional attorney to get compensation for your injuries and damages. While it might seem tempting to try representing your best interests yourself to save money, it could be a significant mistake, especially if you do not have proper legal training and education. Most people who try to handle their injury claim themselves do more damage than good. Inexperienced individuals generally accept a settlement offer well below their injuries’ value.

These settlement negotiations require you to sign official paperwork saying you will never pursue a claim against the at-fault party. This means you give up your right to sue for damages in the future. Agreeing to a smaller-than-reasonable settlement after your car accident might cause significant problems since it will take months or even years to realize you have let yourself down. Evaluating your case alongside an experienced Reidsville car accident attorney will allow you to work toward a more favorable outcome.

Top Reasons To Hire An Attorney To Handle Your Car Accident Case

One of the most common reasons people choose to manage their personal injury cases themselves is to try and eliminate attorney fees. Nevertheless, it’s essential for you also to consider what you risk losing by not working alongside an attorney. Let’s consider the top reasons why you should refrain from taking legal matters into your own hands.

Determining Damages Takes Experience

Before you receive compensation for your car accident in Reidsville, you must determine what damages apply to your case. While you can collect receipts for medications, doctor bills, and car repair bills, you may also qualify for non-monetary damages. For instance, if you suffered mental anguish resulting from your accident, you can also apply for pain and suffering compensation. An experienced Reidsville car accident attorney will have the training and experience to help you calculate all your current and future damages.

Missing Deadlines

You must file your case within the statute of limitations, generally within the first two years of your accident. It’s normal for people to take time to connect injuries to the accident. Also, many people only realize the full extent of what seemed like a minor injury months later. If you miss your deadline, you might never get the chance to seek fair compensation from the at-fault party.

Negotiations With The Insurance Providers

You can settle most car accident cases without going to court. However, even if the at-fault party’s insurance providers offer to pay, it doesn’t mean they will give you a fair offer. A professional Reidsville car accident attorney will know all the tactics insurance adjusters use to take advantage of accident victims like yourself. Agreeing to settle your claim after the initial offer could hurt you and your finances more than you realize. Our Roane Law attorneys have represented several accident victims and know exactly how these negotiations unfold. Thanks to this experience, we can quickly help address the primary factors of your case to reach a fair and just settlement.

Can I Afford To Employ A Lawyer For My Car Accident Case?

People often avoid hiring professionals because they might be reluctant to pay their legal fees. However, most people need to learn that almost all personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. It means your attorney will only charge you fees if you get a settlement or win your case in court. Contingency fee agreements allow Reidsville personal injury lawyers to collect compensation straight from your damage award or settlement.

It’s common for these agreements to be structured around a percentage of the total amount you receive. For instance, your contract might stipulate that your attorney will get 20% if you settle outside the court or 30% if your case goes to trial and you get a settlement awarded by a jury. While insurance companies may pretend they are there to look out for you, their interests are directly at odds with yours. While you aim to get the maximum compensation possible for everything you went through, an insurance company will try paying out as little as possible. With an attorney from Roane Law on your side, you can ensure you don’t settle for a lowball offer.

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