Attorney Referrals

Let Me Take It From Here

If you are an attorney who handles personal injury cases, ask yourself, “do I make money litigating cases?” Most attorneys do not. I have worked for large firms, and I know they didn’t. They must simply litigate to keep the insurance companies honest, but litigation becomes expensive, drawn-out, and uncertain. You probably make more money on pre-litigation. You know how to try a case, and you have tried many. However, the cost, stress, and uncertainty just make it something you wish you didn’t have to do much anymore. You don’t have to do it. Send the case to us, and let us litigate for you.

At Roane Law, most of our cases come from referrals from other attorneys. Attorney James M. Roane III has gained a positive reputation among other North Carolina lawyers and clients alike. Having been voted the Top Attorney in North Carolina for attorneys under the age of 40 by a poll of attorneys conducted by Business North Carolina Magazine, he is highly regarded among his peers. He is rated AV by Martindale. Our office is committed to providing high-quality legal services to all of our clients.

Our track record with our success reflects the degree of expertise and skill we provide our clients. James Roane has won almost every jury trial in the last five years, which means he obtained a recovery higher than the last offer. Of course, all cases are different. We, nor any attorney, can guarantee results. We can guarantee that we will fight hard and do all we can to help. We are confident we can be the strong advocate you need when dealing with your personal injury claim.

Our office deals not only with the normal personal injury claims such as car accidents or dog bites, but also ones that are much more involved and complex, such as medical malpracticewrongful death and trucking accidents. Let me qualify that earlier statement, I really don’t want any more true medical cases at this moment unless they are nursing home cases.