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Not all damaging injuries are going to affect you physically or directly. Some of the worst damages are those that impact your business, reputation, and finances instead. Greensboro construction law & business disputes lawyer, James Roane of Roane Law understands the importance of protecting the many facets of your business when a dispute arises. He is also well-versed in difficult construction law cases that may cause other law firms to turn away.

Managing Construction Law Cases

Construction firms and businesses that require the services of such firms can run into a variety of complex legal issues. From work contracts to permit issues to meeting zoning requirements, Roane Law has both the experience and the legal comprehension needed to bring such complex cases to conclusion. Whether you are representing a construction firm, a small business, or a large corporation, Attorney James Roane can take care of your case.

Some Recognitions And Memberships That Set Attorney Roane Apart From Other Lawyers:

  • Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠
  • American Association for Justice
  • 10.0 “Superb” Avvo Rating
  • AV Preeminent® Rating by Martindale-Hubbell®

Construction law cases can be expensive to complete, especially if arbitration and mediation are not options. Attorney Roane is committed to finding legal solutions that do not drag your case out and seek ways to keep everything as cost-effective as possible. To learn more, schedule a free case evaluation today with our Greensboro construction law & business disputes lawyer.

Carefully Resolving Business Disputes

Managing a business or corporation is demanding enough as it is without having to worry about a serious business dispute. While a business dispute might seem like something can be readily settled through conversations, the reality is that a business dispute can quickly and devastatingly impact a company’s financial stability and good name within its industry. If a business dispute of any kind is not handled professionally and without delay, the consequences could be unexpectedly disastrous.

Common Sources Of Serious Business Disputes Include:

  • Breach of contract accusations
  • Employee-employer disagreements
  • Third-party infractions
  • Conflicts in partnership
  • Breach of fiduciary duty

Attorney Roane has the professional mindset needed to navigate the intricate and delicate waters of a business dispute. He will approach your case with your business’s best interests in focus but also present a willingness to negotiate or compromise, as this is often the only way to ensure everyone spends as little as possible on the ultimate resolution. If you cannot move from your position without risking the health of your business, Greensboro construction law & business disputes lawyer, James Roane has the know-how and tenacity needed to bring the case to litigation.

Strong Legal Ally From Start To Finish

Construction law claims and business disputes may be understandably intimidating to most people, but for Attorney Roane, they represent just more opportunities to take on a challenge and succeed. Backed by a history of successful verdicts, settlements, and case results, as well as numerous appreciative client testimonials, he should be your first choice of Greensboro construction law & business disputes lawyer. The law firm can help you settle any matter and pursue compensation for financial losses when necessary. Call us today.