Drunk Driving Accidents

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Building a Case Against a Drunk Driver

Nothing is more dangerous when driving on the road than a drunk driver. A drunk driver will often be speeding, fail to follow traffic laws or simply drive erratically. If this behavior has resulted in an accident you were involved in, you may be entitled to compensation.

The legal limit in North Carolina for being considered DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is 0.08%, because at that point your reaction times are slowed and judgment falters. If at all possible, a police officer should be at the scene of this type of accident to record the blood alcohol level of the negligent party. Try to document as much as you can to use in your case.

Factors Involved in a Drunk Driving Case

Many of these drunk driving cases are not nearly as simple as some attorneys may think. If the defendant was drinking, where did he get the alcohol? If he was at a bar and they continued to serve him alcohol when he was visibly intoxicated, the bar may also be negligent and liable. These cases are called Dram Shop cases and must be litigated aggressively. It should come as no surprise that the bartender will say he only drank a couple of drinks and did not appear drunk.

However, the attorney should:

    • Interview other patrons at the bar
    • Speak to the police officer
  • Possibly hire a toxicologist

Even if the drunk driver got the alcohol at a party, Social host liability could be established. In North Carolina, you can’t serve a visibly intoxicated and impaired person alcohol if you know they are going to drive. People can drink responsibly, but a drunk behind the wheel is a danger to all of us.

Benefit of Working with Roane Law

Having an experienced and knowledgeable Greensboro personal injury attorney can assist you in fully investigating and documenting your case so as to present strong evidence showing negligence on the part of the other driver. Attorney James Roane has personally experienced the effects of being involved in a serious car accident and knows the heartache and hassle you must go through to attempt to obtain compensation from an insurance company. Don’t let this happen to you; rely on our skilled and competent staff to help you through this. Remember, if we don’t get a successful settlement for you, you don’t pay us a dime.

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Roane Law has a successful approach to handling drunk driver car wrecks that has resulted in favorable outcomes to many of our clients. Complete investigation will be done by our trusted staff including witness testimony, scene investigation, statements of all involved parties, injury and medical treatment documentation and any other piece of evidence we might need to prove your claim.

These are all important details that can lead to your personal injuries, lost wages and property damage being fully compensated. Although we are based in Greensboro, we will travel anywhere to help you. You deserve monetary compensation for the emotional stress and trauma this type of accident can lead to as well.

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