Head On Collisions

Head-On Collision Lawyer in Greensboro


A head on collision in a vehicle is usually catastrophic, as normally both vehicles are traveling at a good rate of speed and when taken together, the combined speed at impact results in massive damages. Even a vehicle traveling at a slower rate of speed, when striking another moving car, adds that much more momentum to the potential damages and injuries that can occur in the car accident.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a head on collision, you’ll want the experience and compassion of personal injury attorney James Roane working for you. Greensboro Car Accident Lawyer Roane has the skill and knowledge you’ll need to handle this type of serious accident. With his extensive background in negotiating and settling complex and difficult cases, Mr. Roane is the right man to choose when facing such an accident.

Why Choose Roane Law?

Because a head on collision will likely result in catastrophic injuries, it is vital to have a personal injury lawyer who knows what to do in such a case. Quick action must be taken to conduct an investigation as to the facts of the accident in order to preserve witnesses, property damage and inspect the scene for any other possible factors leading to the accident. Our well trained staff has the resources available to do just that for you. We will move rapidly to ensure you are receiving the medical care you need and any follow up you may require.

Injuries resulting from head on collisions often include:

These types of injuries could lead to lifelong disability, requiring a settlement that will take your lost income and pain and suffering into consideration.

Successful Verdicts & Settlements: Head-On Collision

Roane Law has had many successful results for his clients, not just in Greensboro but all over North Carolina. In 2008, the attorneys and paralegals at Roane Law successfully litigated such a head-on collision case. A drunk driver hit a young woman head-on. The other driver was killed in the car wreck, and the woman was severely injured. The wreck happened in Eastern North Carolina on a small country road. Her vehicle caught on fire, and she was burned badly by the time EMS arrived.

She also had internal injuries and broken bones that required many surgeries. After a thorough investigation, we discovered that the other driver was the CEO of a corporation and had some other issues that we can’t discuss as the settlement is confidential. However, this head-on motor vehicle case settled for $3.8 million. The plaintiff was able to structure most of the money for long term payments that should help her for the rest of her life.

How a Greensboro Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help

With the skill and experience Attorney James Roane has in fighting for your rights against insurance companies, he will ensure you are taken care of with compassion and individual attention. If you cannot come to us, we will come to see you. We frequently handle cases in Winston-Salem, Reidsville, Lexington, Burlington and the entire Piedmont of North Carolina. Of course, we can travel anywhere in the state to help.

Contact a Greensboro car accident attorney from our firm today! We can help you with your head on accident at the Roane Law Firm.