Rollover Accidents in North Carolina

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A vehicle rollover accident normally occurs due to unusual circumstances that lead to an unbalance of the vehicle, causing it to flip. A driver can cause a vehicle to roll over if turning too sharply, or driving in bad weather, but many such accidents occur due the following:

Rollover accidents are more common in taller vehicles, such as SUVs, truck and vans due to a higher center of gravity. Most new vehicles are engineered to withstand the pressure of a rollover, to keep the roof from collapsing, however this type of damage still occurs. A rollover accident can lead to serious injuries such as head injuries, brain injuries, fractures and even death.

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Having personally suffered a serious car accident himself, Attorney James Roane knows what you are going through when involved in a rollover accident. He has on his part been put in the position of attempting to collect compensation from an insurance company and knows how difficult that can be. Due to the seriousness of the types of injuries that can result from this type of an accident, it is important to quickly obtain the professional services of a North Carolina personal injury attorney.

Rollover accidents can occur due to manufacturing defects, either from the auto maker or the tire manufacturer. It is essential that negligent drivers and manufacturers of defective vehicles or tires are held accountable for the harm they cause. Attorney Roane has focused on personal injury claims for more than 19 years and has skillfully represented many clients in obtaining large settlement claims to compensate them for their injuries and personal property losses.

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