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  • Medicare Advantage disbursement
    Medicare Advantage disbursement

    In North Carolina, insurance companies generally don't have to be paid back from car wreck claims as there is an anti-subrogation regulation. There are many exceptions to this general rule. One such ...

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  • Insurance Adjusters
    Insurance Adjusters

    Recently, there has been a disturbing trend in the communications from adjusters to people hurt in wrecks . Some adjusters are telling the people to go to a particular chiropractor. The adjuster says ...

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  • Texting and Driving
    Texting and Driving

    We have all seen a lot lately in the news about the dangerousness of texting and driving. It is estimated that over 16,000 deaths were caused by texting and driving. However, this number is probably ...

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  • Arbitration Car Wreck Cases
    Arbitration Car Wreck Cases

    Arbitration in car wreck cases is fairly straight-forward. Both parties pick an arbitrator, and these two arbitrators pick a neutral third. I have been the plaintiff's pick in four cases this month. ...

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  • Trial Wanda P
    Trial Wanda P

    My first jury trial was actually going very well. I had a good trial judge, Sue Birch. It was in High Point, and the jury pool was decent. Of course, the case was not very good, your first case ...

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  • Who is the real client?
    Who is the real client?

    We all are required by law to buy car insurance. If we cause a car wreck , the insurance is supposed to cover the damage and defend us. However, some insurance defense attorneys don't really represent ...

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