Medical Malpractice Third Leading Cause of Death?

Medical Malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the US?!? The CDC totals the leading causes of death every year, and here is the link for last year: As you can see, heart disease is number one with 611,105 deaths a year and all cancer totaled up is number two with

Failure to Diagnose, More Common Than You Think

Rush to judgment- means jumping to conclusions without properly weighing all possibilities first. This rush to judgment is becoming a major problem with doctor and hospital malpractice. Hospitals have become big businesses. Part of big businesses is handling many customers or patients and spending as little time as possible with each to

Hospital Errors

In a recent ABC News article, it was reported that: Hospital errors, like the one that led to Josie’s death, are common. As many as one-third of hospital visits leads to hospital-related injuries, according to a report published today in Health Affairs. “We know these types of injuries can increase the risk of other