Attorney Roane’s Landfill Death Case Goes Back to Court

On March 14, The Shelby Star published an article on one of Attorney James Roane’s cases regarding a lawsuit that was filed against Cleveland County. The article begins by explaining how in 2010, T.K., a 24-year-old employee at the Cleveland County landfill was hit by a 40-ton trash compactor that wound up crushing the

Wrongful Death Attorney

Most lawyers can handle car wreck cases, few lawyers can properly handle wrongful death cases.  Make sure that you hire a lawyer who has litigated wrongful death cases before, and ideally has tried these cases in front of juries.  First, wrongful death cases require getting the estate set up and working through any family

Wrongful Death Damages

Wrongful death cases can be very difficult to litigate and prove damages.  Some jurors think that money will not bring the deceased person back, so why bother?  These jurors must be made to understand first of all, it is the law.  In the distant past, the law used to be an eye