Nursing Homes, and Others, Are “Immune” From COVID-19 Liability?

Nursing home staff have been begging for proper PPE in homes, but many are required to use inadequate protection. Some staff are using things such as ponchos and even trash bags, and some with no protection at all. Such terrible conditions put elderly patients at risk. If a nursing home corporation failed to

Roane Law to Sponsor Elder Abuse Awareness Walk (June 18th)

It is estimated that more than 2 million elders in America will face some sort of abuse, neglect, or exploitation each year, usually from nursing homes or members of their own families. In an effort to help bring awareness to this harrowing statistic, and hopefully start working towards stopping elder abuse across the country

Is Coumadin Safe?

Is Coumadin safe for the elderly? Coumadin is a very dangerous drug if labs aren’t taken to make sure that your blood isn’t getting too “thin”. Coumadin is a popular blood thinner used to treat a variety of health conditions. It helps prevent strokes, blood clots for conditions such as afib. However,

What Is an Adult Care Home?

What is an adult care home? An adult care home is what we used to call a rest home. It is a place for the elderly to just get some help with basic needs. Sometimes the elderly really want to stay as independent as possible. They would love to stay in their

How Often Should a Patient Be Turned to Prevent Sores?

How often should nursing home residents be turned to prevent sores? Every two hours!!!??? Right? Maybe not. Turning every two hours is the current standard of care in North Carolina. However, a new study was performed which challenged that standard. It is called the Turning for Ulcer ReductioN (TURN) study. It was performed

Kindred Hospital Greensboro

Kindred Hospital in Greensboro has 23 skilled beds that provide special services such as respiratory services. kindred long term care is provided within the hospital that you can see near I-85 and Hwy 29. Kindred is a five-star overall facility, which is the highest score possible. However, their staffing is a three-star

Nursing Home Abuse Neglect Attorneys in North Carolina

One of the few things that can make nursing homes in North Carolina change and provide better care is the threat of litigation by nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys. It seems that we are one of the few groups they will listen to. CNAs and nurses work very hard in nursing homes

Fraud on the Elderly

It is that time of the year again, where many people are fooled into giving personal information to others. The most vulnerable part of our population are the elderly. They are just too nice and trusting with personal information. A local woman intentionally targeted the elderly for identity fraud. I received the

Nursing Homes Are Understaffed, Does That Make It Ok?

Finally, nursing homes may cynically, and unfortunately, accurately argue that very few nursing homes in North Carolina provide staffing at RUG staff time expectations. Therefore, how could this be evidence of the standard of care? It takes the same amount of time to change a diaper in Arizona as it does in

Nursing Home Staffing Studies

The Staff Time and Resource Intensity Verification (STRIVE) study evaluated the relationship between reimbursement and the actual staffing required to provide care per RUG score.[i] This study was sponsored by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) along with a collaboration of consumer advocates, clinicians, and the nursing home industry and others.