Nursing Home NC Staffing Requirements

All nursing home staff, defendants and most attorneys state that the minimum staffing requirement in North Carolina is 2.1 nursing hours per patient day (nhppd) based on the administrative code.[i] However, this is overly simplistic and only addresses one subsection of the code. The other subsections provide further instruction. For example, according to

How to Find out Nursing Home Staffing Levels

Facility information on staffing can be found through a variety of sources. The primary pre-suit source of information is the facility licensing file. Of course, you should never file suit without this file as it should help shed light on the true operators and owners of the facility. The licensing file will

Nursing Home Federal Staffing Requirements

How much staff is needed in a skilled nursing facility to provide reasonable care? Of course, the specific answer depends on who you ask. Since “he who pays the piper calls the tune” and federal and state governments provide the bulk of reimbursement to skilled facilities, facilities must follow some basic governmental

Nursing Home Arbitration Case

W. VA. HIGH COURT RULES FORCED ARBITRATION CLAUSES IN NURSING HOME AGREEMENTS ARE UNCONSCIONABLE While the court found that the Federal Arbitration Act preempts a state law providing that any arbitration clauses in contracts between nursing homes and residents are null and void, it ruled that “Congress did not intend for arbitration


In a recent report by CBS News, around one-third of the nursing homes studied by congress have been cited for abuse. Such instances of abuse included verbal abuse, choking, assaults and even death. The incidence of abuse in nursing homes is rising. Facilities are not performing adequate background checks, and some staff have convictions

Nursing Home Arbitration

Most of the major nursing home chains are requiring new residents to sign Arbitration Agreements. These agreements waive the right to a jury trial, and any potential case will be tried in front of three attorney arbitrators. These Arbitration Agreements can be very complicated and stacked against the resident. Many of the

Dehydration in Nursing Homes

Some residents in nursing homes don’t have the same sense of thirst, and they must be encouraged to drink. If they aren’t encouraged to drink and monitored, they can become dehydrated very quickly. Most good nursing homes simply monitor their intake. It only takes a few seconds for a CNA to write

What Nursing Home Do I Choose?

In a nutshell, avoid the nursing home chains. I have been handling nursing home cases for around seven years. I have litigated maybe around fifty of these cases, tried many to jury trials and arbitrated cases. You can look at Greensboro Nursing Home Review for more information. The one thing that I have learned