Insurance Is Not Admissible in Trial

Lately,insurance companies have been offering less and less on claims. They are offering trivial amounts, and then forcing people to go to trial. These insurance companies are hoping to win the case on juror bias. They will talk about tort reform and greedy plaintiffs, and try to insinuate that plaintiffs refused to negotiate

Insurance Adjusters

Recently, there has been a disturbing trend in the communications from adjusters to people hurt in wrecks.  Some adjusters are telling the people to go to a particular chiropractor.  The adjuster says that this chiropractor will do a good job, and some even say to “just send me the bill” after the treatment

Car Wrecks and Insurance

Most car wreck cases are fairly straight-forward and should be easy to value for insurance companies, but there are some fact patterns that cause problems.  For example, any issues with liability will frequently entice the insurance company to deny or low-ball claims.  One such factor pattern is rear end collisions.  If a person rear

Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage should be added to your automobile insurance policy.  UIM coverage will pay amounts that are not paid by the liability insurance policy of the defendant.  For example, most drivers on the road only have $30,000 minimum insurance policies.  If you are in a serious car wreck, your damages