Car Wrecks and Insurance

Most car wreck cases are fairly straight-forward and should be easy to value for insurance companies, but there are some fact patterns that cause problems.  For example, any issues with liability will frequently entice the insurance company to deny or low-ball claims.  One such factor pattern is rear end collisions.  If a person rear ends another vehicle, you would assume that it was their fault.  It is just common sense that they failed to keep their eyes in front and pay attention.  However, insurance companies will sometimes try and blame the driver in front.  They will claim that the person if front stopped too quickly, pulled in front at the last minute, or actually hit the person in front of them and so started a chain reaction collision.  Of course, none of these defenses are valid, but some insurance companies will try it anyway.  If they can delay paying claims, they can keep the money invested.  Insurance companies make money by investing our insurance premiums.  The longer they keep the money, the more they make.  Also, people get tired of fighting, and if they can delay long enough some people will settle for less than the case is worth just to get it done.  Rear end collisions should be open and shut cases,  but you may be in for a surprise.