Is Trump barred from holding office?

Legal analysis of the 14th Amendment’s Disqualification Clause and the upcoming election Fourteenth Amendment, Section 3: (Disqualification Clause) No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously

The Victims’ Fair Treatment Act

A group of North Carolina Republicans recently introduced legislation designed to end North Carolina’s long-standing contributory negligence law. Senators Danny Britt, Jr. (R – District 13), Jim Perry (R – District 7), and Amy Galey (R – District 24) are the primary sponsors of SB477, entitled The Victim’s Fair Treatment Act. North

Rampant Workers’ Compensation Fraud – The Truth

Unless you’ve been living off the grid or trapped under a rock, most of us have heard statements such as, “Most workers’ compensation claims are bogus!”, “Workers’ Compensation reform is necessary because so many claims are fraudulent.” and “All those fraudulent workers’ compensation claims are driving up employers’ workers’ compensation rates.” Every

Part II of Workers’ Comp & Pre-Existing Conditions: Not the End of the World, but Beware

Having established in Part 1 that pre-existing conditions are not an absolute bar to recovery in workers’ compensation cases, we have arrived at the “beware” part of this discussion. Beware of NCGS §97-12.1. §97-12.1. Willful misrepresentation in applying for employment. No compensation shall be allowed under this Article for injury by accident or occupational disease

Nursing Homes, and Others, Are “Immune” From COVID-19 Liability?

Nursing home staff have been begging for proper PPE in homes, but many are required to use inadequate protection. Some staff are using things such as ponchos and even trash bags, and some with no protection at all. Such terrible conditions put elderly patients at risk. If a nursing home corporation failed to

North Carolina’s Plans for Reopening Public Schools in the Time of COVID 19 – A Little Like Trying to Nail Jell-O® to a Wall

Waiting and wondering what “back to school” will look like for North Carolina K-12 students during the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, has fueled anxiety and some frustration in many parents, guardians, students, teachers and school administrators. On July 14th, Governor Cooper provided guidelines for North Carolina’s public school students to return to school starting

COVID-19 Vaccine Efforts – Positivity & Progress

With so much bad news regarding negative COVID-19 trends, it can foster feelings of despair and helplessness. Let’s switch gears for a moment and accentuate the positive. The response to develop vaccines for COVID-19 is unprecedented. Currently, there are over 100 possible vaccines being developed and tested. It is highly unusual for