Nursing Homes, and Others, Are “Immune” From COVID-19 Liability?

Nursing home staff have been begging for proper PPE in homes, but many are required to use inadequate protection. Some staff are using things such as ponchos and even trash bags, and some with no protection at all. Such terrible conditions put elderly patients at risk. If a nursing home corporation failed to

Nursing Homes Pocket the Money

Nursing homes will argue that the RUG scores are for Medicare residents only, and that most of their residents are paid by Medicaid. Since the Medicaid reimbursement is a lot lower, the number of staff should be lower. However, this ignores what the STRIVE study showed. The STRIVE study, and the other

How Are Nursing Homes Paid?

From 1965 until 1998, nursing home facilities were paid on a cost-based reimbursement system by combining cost reports with the number of patient days. In 1998 payment was switched to Prospective Payment system, which is more of an acuity based system. Facilities perform a full assessment on each resident and compile the