Insurance Adjusters

Recently, there has been a disturbing trend in the communications from adjusters to people hurt in wrecks.  Some adjusters are telling the people to go to a particular chiropractor.  The adjuster says that this chiropractor will do a good job, and some even say to “just send me the bill” after the treatment is over and they will pay it.  After this treatment, the adjuster then denies saying anything and even refuses to pay the bills.  The unfortunate less is that you can’t believe what many adjusters tell you.

If you have any communications with adjusters, you should try to get it in writing.  Just tell them that you are just trying to make sure we all understand each other.  If they won’t put it in a letter, ask yourself why.  From what I can tell, the adjusters are steering people to chiropractors in the hopes that somehow this will hurt their case.  Some jurors view chiropractors with some suspicion, and the insurance company wants to capitalize on that.  Alternatively, the adjusters may hope that the chiropractic care is short and inexpensive and they can somehow get the injured people to settle after that treatment.  If the people treat with medical doctors, orthopedists or neurosurgeons, these professionals may find further damage and injury.  The last thing that the insurance company wants to do is to have to pay for a surgery.  Just be careful dealing with adjusters and make sure that you document as much as possible.