Insurance Is Not Admissible in Trial

Lately,insurance companies have been offering less and less on claims. They are offering trivial amounts, and then forcing people to go to trial. These insurance companies are hoping to win the case on juror bias. They will talk about tort reform and greedy plaintiffs, and try to insinuate that plaintiffs refused to negotiate and just want to go to trial. The opposite is true. However, we are not allowed to tell juries about it.

We can’t tell juries how much insurance is available. We can’t tell juries that we wanted to settle. We can’t tell juries how the insurance company refused to even pay medical bills and forced the case to trial. We can’t tell juries how rude the defense was at mediation and to the families. Lately, they promise to make an offer, stall, buy their time, secretly hire experts and then attempt to win at trial without making an offer at all. In a nutshell, if you got injured to any significant degree, you will need get ready for a long fight with a frequently belligerent insurance company.