Roane Law to Sponsor Elder Abuse Awareness Walk (June 18th)

It is estimated that more than 2 million elders in America will face some sort of abuse, neglect, or exploitation each year, usually from nursing homes or members of their own families. In an effort to help bring awareness to this harrowing statistic, and hopefully start working towards stopping elder abuse across the country once and for all, the Piedmont Trial Regional Council (PTRC) will be hosting the 5th Annual Elder Abuse Awareness Walk, Stroll, and Roll. As legal advocates who truly care about our communities and the rights of the wrongfully injured, our team here at Roane Law in Greensboro is proud to say that we will be the main sponsors of this event, a tradition we have kept up for 5 years.

The walk will take place on June 18th at Triad Park in Kernersville. Participants who register for the walk before June 5th will receive a free event t-shirt. There will also be informational exhibits, musical entertainment, and food for all to enjoy. It should be a sunny day to support a great cause. For more information, please call the PTRC at 336.904.0300.

What Is Elder Abuse?

The Elder Abuse Awareness Walk, Stroll, and Roll event is so important because it brings awareness to a serious problem that could be affecting someone you know and love. For every report of elder abuse, it is believed that five more are unreported. Sometimes elders may be intimidated by their abuser so they do not speak up, or they might not have the mental capacity to know that abuse is occurring, such is often the case when money is being stolen from an elder.

It is up to us, their loved ones, to spot and report elder abuse. Common signs are bedsores and malnutrition when staying in a nursing home, or uneasiness around a particular person, such as a visiting relative or an orderly. If you think your elder is being hurt but aren’t sure what to do about it, please call (336) 790-5194 and speak to our Greensboro elder abuse attorney from Roane Law today. If you believe it is an emergency, you must also call the authorities.