Cherryville Personal Injury Attorney

I am from Cherryville and graduated from Cherryville H.S. in 1987. I was just looking online to see what personal injury attorneys practice in Cherryville. Not many. When I Googled, “Cherryville personal injury attorney” really all I got were referral sites. National referral sites have started adding local search terms to make them appear to be truly local. They will just set up a website using the words “Cherryville” and “attorney” and then hope to get clicks. Some attorneys pay to be a member of these referral sites, and the potential cases will be fowarded to them. Make sure to check out the credentials of any attorney on those sites.

I still have family in Cherryville, and I come home all of the time. So, I have considered starting a small office there or at least start taking cases in the area. I only handle personal injury cases which include car wreck auto accident cases, wrongful death cases, nursing home abuse, etc. I don’t take most personal injury cases, and I don’t handle fender bender whiplash cases. Other personal injury lawyers and law firms take these cases. They try to handle a high volume of these injury cases to make money. If you have such a case, I will be glad to give you free legal advice to help you handle it yourself but I will not take the case.

I am the opposite. Instead, I take catastrophic injury cases. Usually the medical bills will be over at least $20,000 and there are lost wages and permanent injuries. These injury cases are hard fought by insurance companies for the simple reason that they cost more money to resolve either through settlement or trial. Typically, I will have to file suit on these cases and spend ten thousand dollars or so before we even begin to have decent settlement offers. While I could settle a case cheap and fast, that is not the best way to do it. Insurance companies will never pay fair value without making them do it. Usually, this takes time, money and skill. If you need a personal injury attorney in Cherryville, contact us.