How to Handle Property Damage

How do I handle property damage claims to my car? Getting your car paid for can be a real problem when dealing with insurance companies. The first thing you will learn is that the insurance company only needs to pay fair market value for your car. This is NOT replacement value. So, if you have an older high-mileage vehicle, it may be worth very little on the market.

How do I determine the value of my car? Insurance companies normally use NADA or other appraisal resources to value the car. The “blue book” value of your car may only be a few thousand dollars, and that is all they may pay you. Now, you may have to go out and buy another car. You have to pay far more just to get a replacement vehicle.

Also, the insurance company may disagree as to the actual value of your car. For example, there is a big difference between “fair” and “good” condition prices. You may think your car was in better condition and not want to settle. You may need to get your own appraisal to help your case or show them proof of any upgrades that you have made. Do you own research at NADA and other online sites to try and fully understand what you vehicle is worth.

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