James Roane Becomes a Member of the American Board of Trial Advocates

The American Board of Trial Advocates is a highly active foundation dedicated to preserving the integrity of the legal justice system and improving the quality of legal advocacy across the nation. Members of the American Board of Trial Advocates include some of the most dynamic legal professionals in the area of civil trial law. The foundation is committed to providing the public with civic education and broad access to valuable material on the subject of the right to trial by jury.

Unlike other legal organizations, ABOTA is constantly active, calling its members to stay involved with the foundation’s purpose and principles. The ABOTA Foundation is committed to the constitutional rights of all Americans and preserving the integrity of equal justice in all areas of law.

Given the mission at Roane Law, ABOTA and our firm have similar visions. We are proud to announce that attorney James Roane was recently accepted as a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates and will now be actively contributing to its endeavors for legal education and civil rights across the country.

Our commitment to the law and to civil justice begins with a commitment to our clients. While professional memberships at prestigious and admirable organizations like ABOTA reflect our vision for high-quality legal representation, they do not take away from the personal relationships we hold with our clients and the personal interest we have in the success of their case.

ABOTA and Roane Law are both committed to ensuring that all Americans and especially all residents of Greensboro have access to the legal representation and rights that they deserve. Learn more about ABOTA, our membership with them and the firm’s purpose by contacting Roane Law today.