North Carolina County Differences

Something that is obvious and well-known to trial lawyers is that many cases don’t just depend on the facts of the case, the cases also depend on where they are filed.  In North Carolina, personal injury cases are usually filed where the plaintiff lives.  Some counties view jury trials differently.  For example, in larger urban counties such as Mecklenburg County you will get different juror demographics as opposed to small mountain county.  This disparity will likely effect the amount of the verdict as well as how the evidence itself is received.  Some county jury pools are just anti-plaintiff lawyer and lawyers no matter the facts of the case.  It can be difficult to get through to such jurors.  As attorneys, we don’t have enough time to fully inform or at least temper juror beliefs.  Furthermore, a lot of information such as the insurance policies are never disclosed to the jury.  In order to properly evaluate the value of a personal injury, car wreck, wrongful death or other case, you will need to take into consideration the county you must fight in.